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Emergency and Utility Services in Bihar


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Emergency and Utility Services in Bihar

Utility services are necessity of the day and this is the reason why each and every part of the world, be it a small town or a big city or an entire state, needs some basic utility services to serve its citizens. Even, it is impossible to think about living without some of the major utility services i.e. electricity, water, banks, medical aid etc. Government of Bihar also provides various public utility services for its citizens to make their life easier and healthier too. Besides, several utility services are also provided by private players to cater basic needs of the citizens.

Essential Services in Bihar

Electricity Supply in Bihar

Electricity is one of the most important utility services which are needed at very place equally. Bihar State Power Holding Company Limited (BSPHCL), also known as erstwhile Bihar State Electricity Board (BSEB) is a state-owned electricity regulation board operating within state under Bihar Government. BSPHCL is responsible for proper generation, transmission and distribution of power in entire state of Bihar. Currently, Thermal and Hydro-Electrical plants of BSPHCL have power generating capacity exceeding 559.2 MW. However, sometimes when power is not available as per demand, BSPHCL also has to purchase power from outside agencies in order to meet the local demand of electricity in the state.

BSEB is unbundled into 5 parts namely Bihar State Power Holding Co. Ltd. (Apex holding Company), Bihar State Power Generation Co. Ltd. (Generation business), Bihar State Power Transmission Co. Ltd. (Transmission Business), North Bihar Power Distribution Co. Ltd. & South Bihar Distribution Co. Ltd. (both in distribution business), vide Bihar State Electricity Reforms Transfer Scheme, 2012 vide notification 17 dated 30.10.2012.

Bihar State Power Holding Company Ltd. (BSPHCL)
1st Floor, Vidyut Bhawan, Bailey Road, Patna - 800 001
Tel: 0612-2504036, Fax: 2504968
E-mail: chairmanbsebyahoo.co.in
Electricity Helpline: 9430807821
Website: https://bsphcl.bih.nic.in/

Bihar State Power Transmission Company Ltd. (BSPTCL)
4th Floor, Vidyut Bhawan, Bailey Road, Patna-1
Fax: 0612-2504305
E-mail: itbsptcl@gmail.com
Phone: 0612-250442
Website: https://www.bsptcl.in/

North Bihar Power Distribution Company (NBPDCL)
Tel: 0612-2504044
Website: https://www.nbpdcl.in/

South Bihar Power Distribution Company Ltd (SBPDCL)
Second Floor, Vidyut Bhawan
Bailey Road, Patna 800 001
Tel: 0612-2504045
Toll Free Helpline 1800 3456 198
Website: https://www.sbpdcl.in/

Bihar Electricity Regulatory Commission, Patna

The Bihar Electricity Regulatory Commission (BERC) owes responsibilities to determine the tariff for generation, transmission, supply and wheeling of electricity within the state. It issues licenses to the persons willing to act as transmission licensees, distribution licensees and electricity traders within the State. Bihar Electricity Regulatory Commission functions at par National Electricity Policy, National Electricity Plan and National Tariff Policy notified by Central Government under Section 3 of Electricity Act, 2003. BERC also adjudicates over disputes between the licensees and generating companies and to refer any kind of electricity related dispute for arbitration.

Bihar Electricity Regulatory Commmission
Ground Floor, Vidyut Bhawan-II
B.S.E.B. Campus, Jawahar Lal Nehru Marg (Bailey Road)
Patna - 800021, Bihar (India)
Phone: 091-612-2504489, 2505280, 6526749
Fax: 0612-2504488
Email: bercpat@berc.co.in, secretaryberc@gmail.com
Website: https://berc.co.in/

Bihar Renewable Energy Development Agency

Apart from usual process of electricity generation, various methods of power generation are also being used with help of wind and solar energy as well as bio mass energy is also effective in generation of power. Thus, Bihar Renewable Energy Development Agency has been established to explore potential of various renewable energy sources and conduct extensive research to identify these resources. It also provides assistance to Indian Government and Bihar Government in formulating the policy regarding Renewable Energy Sources. Besides, it works to increase public awareness about renewable energy and its sources through conducting various training programs, exhibitions, publications, seminars & conferences.

Bihar Renewable Energy Development Agency
(A Govt. Agency under Energy Department)
3rd Floor, Sone Bhavan, Birchand Patel Marg, Patna - 800001
Phone: 0612-2507734
Fax: 0612-2506572
Email: breda@breda.in
Website: https://www.breda.in/

Water Supply in Bihar

Water in BiharWater is the most essential thing for healthy living and thus, organized use of this natural asset is mandatory. Water Resources Department, Government of Bihar works for management of water resources in the state. It protects the right of state in sharing water of interstate rivers or basins with other regions. It overlooks construction and maintenance of embankments, revetment in selected portions of the river banks, land spurs and other necessary flood protection works, as well as manages draining of water logged areas in the state. It also regulates and implements various irrigation schemes for benefits of the different sectors concerning optimum usage of water resources in the state.

Water Resources Department, Govt. of Bihar
Sinchai Bhawan, Patna
Contact: 09471006795
Email: wrd-bih@nic.in, secy.01wrd@gmail.com
Website: https://wrd.bih.nic.in/

Water Supply and Sanitation in Bihar

Public Health Engineering Department (PHED) operating under Government of Bihar looks after overall water supply and sanitation in the state of Bihar. PHED is mainly responsible for collection of water from various available water resources for further purification of collected water at sewerage treatment plants. Then water is supplied to households by the network of sewage pipelines laid in the state. Thus, PHED ensures proper sanitation and supply of water in every part of the state.

Public Health Engineering Department, Govt. of Bihar
Nirman Bhawan, Patna - 800 015
Tel: 0612-2545087, Fax: 2245586
E-mail: secy-phed-bih@nic.in
Website: https://phed.bih.nic.in/

Bihar State Water and Sanitation Mission (BSWSM)

Bihar State Water & Sanitation Mission (BSWSM) is a nodal agency established for implementation of total Sanitation Campaign & Swajaldhara in Bihar. Main objective of BSWSM is to improve the lives of rural citizens by enhancing access to improved and sustainable water supply and sanitation facilities in rural areas. It implements various schemes from time to time to enhance sanitation and water supply as well as to ensure availability of drinking water in rural areas of the state. Swajaldhara Yojana, Nirmal Bharat Abhiyan, Piped Water Supply Schemes (PWSS) and Spot Source Water Supply Schemes (SSWSS) are some of the major schemes run by BSWSM for welfare of citizens in the state of Bihar.

Vishweswaraiya Bhawan Complex, Bailey Road, Patna - 800015
Phone: 0612-2545087, 2546005, 2545705, 2545503, 2545031
Website: www.bswsmpatna.org

Urban Development in Bihar

Urban Development and Housing Department, Govt. of Bihar is the governing body responsible for urban development in the state of Bihar. Major functional areas of this department include ensuring proper functionality of Municipal Corporation, municipalities, notified area committees, mining settlement authorities, improvement trusts, and other local authorities for the purpose of local administration. It also controls over regional development authorities and all officers serving under the Urban Development Department. It implements town and environmental planning and manages administration of Bihar Restriction of Uses of Land Act and District Boards and Local Self-Government Act.

Urban Development and Housing Department, Government of Bihar
Vikas Bhawan, Bailey Road, Patna - 800 001
Dr. B. Rajender, IAS, Secretary
Tel: 2215580, Fax: 2217059, Mobile: 9473191439
E-mail: urbansec-bihnic.in
Nagar Seva Help-Line: (0612)-3095555, complaint@nagarseva.in
Website: https://urban.bih.nic.in/


Samvardhan is a six-year partnership programme (2010-2016) between the Government of Bihar and the United Kingdom’s Department for International Development (DFID, UK). The Government of Bihar has initiated the urban reforms programme with aim to enhance the ability of identified ULBs to provide urban services and attract private investment in the state which would further lead to economical growth and poverty reduction in the state.

DFID Samvardhan Cell
C/o Urban Development Housing Department, Government of Bihar
Room No. 159, 1st Floor, Vikas Bhawan
New Secretariat, Patna, Bihar 800 015
Tele/ Fax: 0612-2231566
Website: https://www.spurbihar.in

Bihar Urban Infrastructure Development Corporation Ltd (BUIDCO)

Bihar Urban Infrastructure Development Corporation Ltd is a nodal executing agency for implementing JNNURM, NGRBA, ADB and World Bank funded urban projects in the state. BUIDCO execute urban infrastructure projects and accelerate infrastructural development activities across all cities in the State of Bihar. These infrastructure projects are mainly classified into ten categories e.g. 24x7 Water Supply Projects, Urban Transport Projects, Sewerage and Sewage Network Projects, Storm Water Drainage Projects, Affordable Housing Projects, Riverfront Development Projects, Solid Waste Management Projects, Urban Street Light Projects, Commercial Market Development Projects and Urban Beautification Projects (parks etc.). BUIDCO also works as administrator cum Asset Management Company of newly created Bihar Urban Infrastructure Development Fund Trust (BUIDFT).

Bihar Urban Infrastructure Development Corporation Ltd (BUIDCO)
A Government Undertaking
Address: 303, Maurya Tower, 3rd Floor, Maurya Lok Complex, Patna-800001
Phone: +91-612-2210100-103
Fax: +91-612-2210103
Website: https://www.buidco.in/

Bihar State Housing Board (BSHB)

The Bihar State Housing Board (BSHB) is a nodal agency established for providing shelter for its subject across different social groups in the state. It is basically a statutory body as per inscribed in BSHB Act 1982.

Bihar State Housing Board
Head Office: 6, Sardar Patel Marg, Patna- 800 015
Phone: 0612-2217992
Fax: 0612-2217605
Website: https://www.bshb.in/

Banking Services in Bihar

Banking and financial services are amongst major utility services. Banks are always been safest place for money saving to prevent loss and theft as well as growing this amount with interest earned on savings. Banks play major role in economical growth of any state or country. Like any other state of India, a number of leading nationalized and private banks are present in Bihar to cater all the banking and finance related needs of the citizens in the state. These banks provide all types of banking services with facilities of online banking, mobile banking and sms banking etc. Besides, several financial services including loan, mortgage, life insurance etc. are also provided by these banks to the customers. Along with few regional banks i.e. The Bihar State Co-operative Bank Ltd., Uttar Bihar Gramin Bank, Bihar Gramin Bank and Madhya Bihar Gramin Bank etc. also present and serving citizens in the state of Bihar.

Banking Services in Bihar

In continuation to these banking services in Bihar, Bharatiya Mahila Bank Ltd, specially incorporated for Indian women has also established its branch in Bihar on 29th March, 2014. This bank has emerged as a pioneer institution dedication to women empowerment in economical terms providing a unique experience of banking by offering a plethora of women centric products. However, Bharatiya Mahila Bank caters women and men too but most of the products are available with concession in interest rates for women customers especially.

Pradhan Mantri Jan Dhan Yojana, launched by Hon’ble Prime Minister of India, Narendra Modi is also becoming popular in Bihar. It has enabled poor people to open a zero balance bank account with an option for easy money saving with facilities of RuPay Debit card, 30,000 Rs. life insurance and accidental cover of 1 lakh. Besides, if customer maintains bank account active with some savings then an overdraft facility of Rs. 5000 is also available under this scheme. This scheme has emerged as a major banking option for urban and rural customers with low income in the state of Bihar.

Along with SLBC, operating in Bihar is an inter-institutional forum for co-ordination and joint implementation of various development programmes by all the financial institutions operating in the State. Basically, SLBC is envisaged as a Bankers’ forum but government officials are also included in this committee. State Bank of India is Convenor Bank in State of Bihar. State Bank of India, Central Bank of India, Punjab National Bank, UCO Bank, Union Bank of India, Bank of Baroda and Canara Bank are the seven banks operating under Bankers’ forum and lead responsibility is allotted among these banks for 38 districts in the State of Bihar. Some of the major banks operating in Bihar are:

Bharatiya Mahila Bank
Address: Hotel Maurya, Frazer Road, Patna - 800020
Contact Person: Mr. Jyoti Ranjan
Contact: +91-9038881471, 9476406657, 8863074308
IFS Code: BMBL0000028

SLBC Department
5th Floor, State Bank of India
Local Head Office, West Gandhi Maidan, Patna, PIN - 800001
Phone: 0612-2209076, Fax: 0612-2209075
Email: slbc.bihar@sbi.co.in
Website: www.slbcbihar.com

Bihar Gramin Bank
Head Office
Gramin Bank Chowk
Opp. – North HFCL Gate
NH-31 Begusarai
Bihar - 851135
Phone:06243 – 265013
06243 – 265014
Fax:06243 - 265013
The Bihar State Co-operative Bank Ltd.
Ashok Rajpath, Patna-800004, Bihar.
Phone: 2300262, 2300903, 2300364, 2300087, 2300324, 2300451
Fax: 0612-2300222
Website: https://biharbank.bih.nic.in/

Uttar Bihar Gramin Bank
Head Office,
Kalambag Chowk,

Madhya Bihar Gramin Bank
Head Office : Meena pLaza
South of Musuem
Contact No.: - 0612-2205568
Fax:- 0612-2205564
Email: - enquiry@mbgbpatna.com, Complaints@mbgbpatna.com
Website - www.mbgbpatna.com

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Postal Services in Bihar

Postal services play major role in sending and receiving mails, parcels and money order in every region. Although courier services have almost replaced postal services in urban areas, importance of postal services in rural areas is still remained as before. Indian Post is the main organization providing postal services in every nook and corner of the country. It also serves citizens in Bihar and reaches in every remote or rural area of the state. India has largest network of post offices and Bihar also has numerous post offices located across all the districts of this Indian state. From usual postal services to speed post, e-post, business post, life insurance, mutual fund and several other services are now available at post offices and helping people in staying connected with their loved ones. Apart from Indian postal services branches of courier companies have also opened in Bihar. These companies of repute ensure time bound and proper delivery of booked contingents without ant damage. Flyking, DTDC, Blue Dart Express, Madhur Courier Services.

General Post Office
Address: Station Road, Patna Gpo, Patna - 800001
Phone: +(91)-612-2224150 / +(91)-612-2674060

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Telecom Services in Bihar

In today’s hi-tech era, telecom services have become necessity for communication. Bharat Sanchar Nigam Limited (BSNL) , founded on 15th September, 2000 is the leading and largest public sector company serving as a telecom service provider in India. It provides mobile, landline and broadband services in every nook and corner of the country except Delhi and Mumbai both cities. In Bihar too, BSNL operates as the leading telecom service provider by offering a plethora a telecom services i.e. landline, CDMA mobile, GSM mobile, internet, broadband etc. to cater telecommunication related requirements of the residents in this state. Apart from that several private players are also providing telecom services in Bihar. At present, Reliance (GSM and CDMA), Airtel, Idea Cellular, Vodafone, TTSL (Tata Indicom CDMA and Tata Docomo GSM), Stel and Uninor are major telecom companies providing mobile services in Bihar. While internet services are mainly provided by Airtel, Idea, Reliance, Vodafone, MTS and Sify Broadband which are major private internet service providers in Bihar.

Emergency Services in Bihar

Essential Services in Bihar

Emergency or mishap may take place anytime, anywhere without prior notice or indication. Perhaps, it is what uncertainty of life means. As we all know prevention is better than cure. Hence, emergency services are obviously most important for safe and secure living. Hence, every state government has to pay utmost attention to proper arrangement of emergency services for citizens in the state. From safety and security arrangements to disaster management, ambulance services to fire services, blood banks to health care all are counted amongst major emergency services. Bihar too is well equipped with all necessary emergency services for providing timely and proper assistance to needy people in every part of the state. Most of the emergency services are provided by state government in Bihar and private sector is also aiding in this regard in shape of PPP initiative or solely private ownership. Major thing that one should always take care of is to keep all the emergency contact numbers handy and within reach all the time so that appropriate service can be availed in case of any mishap at earliest.

Bihar Police

Bihar police is mainly responsible for safety and security of the residents. It overlooks safety arrangements in entire state. It maintains law and order as well as guards against suspicious activities in the state. It also combats extremist and anti-national activities in the state. Bihar police also work for public-police cooperation to maintain healthy relation with the citizens. It also aims to establish peace and harmony among the society. A number of police stations and out posts have been established across all districts of the state by Bihar Police for ensuring proper security of the citizens. Be it an urban region or a rural area, women safety is the main issue to be concerned about everywhere. Considering utmost importance of proper assistance for women, special helpline has been initiated in Patna region. In case of any problem, one can easily contact women helpline centre for help.

D.G., Bihar Police
Office: 0612-2217833, 2217877
Residence: 2281393
Fax: 2217877
Mobile: 9431602301
Website: https://biharpolice.bih.nic.in/

Women Helpline Centre, Patna - 18003456247/ 0612-2320047/ 2214318
Child Helpline Centre - 1098

Disaster Management in Bihar

Bihar is extremely prone to various disaster including Flood, Drought, Fire and Earthquake. The reason behind this vulnerability is geographical and topographical location of this state. Even, some parts of the state come in Zone-IV & Zone-V as per seismic zoning, which may lead to devastation like BHUJ (Gujrat) and LATUR (Maharashtra). Disaster Management Department, Govt. of Bihar is the nodal agency for information and gap analysis for the people of Bihar during natural and human emergency. It provides help to the affected people and Disaster Risk Management Programme also works under its supervision.

Disaster Management Department, Govt. of Bihar
Tel: 0612-2215600
State Control Room Number: 0612-2217305
Website: https://disastermgmt.bih.nic.in/

Bihar State Disaster Management Authority

Bihar State Disaster Management Authority (BSDMA) is a statutory body created under the provisions of Disaster Management Act, 2005 passed by the Parliament. BSDMA is headed by the Hon'ble Chief Minister of Bihar with Vice-Chairman (in the rank of cabinet minister) and a couple of other experts as members of the authority. At present, BSDMA is engaged in undertaking a number of measures focusing mainly on Disaster Risk Reduction (DRR) and mitigation as well.

Bihar State Disaster Management Authority
2nd Floor, Pant Bhavan, Bailey Road, Patna, Bihar-800001
Phone No: 0612-2522032, 2522284, Fax: 0612-2532311
Email id-info@bsdma.org
Website: www.bsdma.org

Floods in Bihar

Bihar is vulnerable to various natural calamities and flood is prominent of them. Recurrence of floods in Bihar is on annual basis and this state face major devastation due to recurring floods every year. Its geographical and topographical location makes it most flood prone state in India as approx. 68,800 square kms (26,600 sq mi) out of Bihar’s total geographical area of 94,160 square kms (36,360 sq mi) is flood affected which comprises 73.06% of the state. Thus, 76% of the population lives under recurring threat of flood in northern Bihar including 22% of the flood affected population in India. Considering this vulnerability to flood, several disaster management programs have been running under Disaster Management Department of Bihar Government to provide assistance and relief to the flood affected people in the state. Flood Management Information System and Ganga Flood Control Commission, Patna are specially meant for supporting flood control and management in the flood prone areas of Bihar.

Flood Management Information System
Water Resources Department, Govt. of Bihar
Joint Director, FMISC
Jal Sansadhan Bhawan, Anisabad, Patna-800002, India
Tele/ Fax: 0612-2256999
Email: fmisc_bihar@yahoo.co.in, fmiscbihar@gmail.com
Website: https://www.fmis.bih.nic.in/

Ganga Flood Control Commission, Patna
Ganga Flood Control Commission
Ministry of Water Resources, Govt. of India
3rd Floor, Sinchai Bhawan, Patna, Bihar - 800 015
Tel: (0612)-2217294
E-Mail: chairman-gfcc@nic.in
Website: https://gfcc.bih.nic.in/

Hospitals in Bihar

Hospitals in BiharHospitals are inevitable part of emergency services as medical aid is necessary in all the cases of emergency. Bihar is fortunate in this matter as a number of major public and private hospitals are present in the state. Patna Medical College & Hospital, Indira Gandhi Institute of Medical Sciences (I.G.I.M.S. - Patna), All India Institute of Medical Sciences Patna, Nalanda Medical College & Hospital, Darbhanga Medical College & Hospital, Anugrah Narayan Magadh Medical College & Hospital, Patna City Hospital, Ford Hospital & Research Centre Pvt. Ltd. and Heart Hospital Ltd. are some of the renowned hospitals providing medicals services in the state of Bihar. Apart from that a large number of hospitals, nursing homes and clinics are also located across all the districts of Bihar to serve residents
in terms of medical assistance.

PMCH - Patna
Address: Patna Medical College, Patna - 800004
Phone: 0612-2300343
Website: https://patnamedicalcollege.com/

I.G.I.M.S. - Patna
Address: Sheikhpura, Patna - 800 014, Bihar (India)
EPABX No.: 0612-2297099/ 2297631
Fax : 0612-2297225
Website: igims.org

NMCH, Patna
Address: Nalanda Medical Hospital, Agamkuan, Patna - 800007
Phone: 0612-2918523/ 2631159
E-mail:nmcpatna@gmail.com, nmc_patna@yahoo.com, nmcpatna1980@gmail.com
Website: https://www.nmchpatna.org

All India Institute of Medical Sciences, Patna
Address: Phulwari Sharif, Bihar 801505
Contact: 0612-2920182
E-mail: admin@aiimspatna.org
Website: https://aiimspatna.org/

Darbhanga Medical College & Hospital
Address: Laheriasaria, Darbhanga, Bihar
Phone: 06272-233190
Website: https://darbhangamedicalcollege.in/

Burn Hospital
(A unit of Bihar Burn Trauma & Research Center)
Address: 2nd Floor, R. S. Memorial Hospital, Sahara Gali
Donar Chowk, VIP Road, Darbhanga, Bihar - 846 001
Contact: +91-9507280294
Website: www.burntreatment.in

Jagdish Memorial Hospital
Address DS - 2 , Lohiya Nagar
Behind Geological Survey of India Kankarbagh, Patna - 800020
Phone No.: 0612- 2361414 - 15 - 16,
Fax No : 0612- 2350075

Aastha Lok Hospital
Address: N/4, Professor Colony, Near Kendriya Vidyalaya, Kankarbagh, Patna - 800020
Phone: 0612-2353469
ANM Medical College & Hospital
Address: Sher Ghati Road,
Gaya, Bihar 823001
Phone: 0631-2410339
E-mail: princ_anmmc@rediffmail.com
Website: https://anmmc.ac.in/

Jawahar Lal Nehru Medical College
Address: S. R. Rajpath, Bhagalpur - 812001
Phone: 0641-2401078, 2400903
Fax: 0641-2401078, 2400903
Email: principal.jlnmc@rediffmail.com
Website: www.jlnmcbgp.org

Darbhanga Government Hospital
Address: TBDC Campus, Opposite KS College, Laheriasarai, Lalbagh, Darbhanga - 846001
Phone: 06272-233513
Mobile: 09431239555

Patna City Hospital
Address: 48-D, Near Income Tax Building
Gurhatta, Patna- 800008
Phone: 0612-2631817

Patna Heart Hospital
Address: 2, Chandralaya Building, Ground Floor, Near Kendriya Vidyalaya School
Doctors Colony, Kankar Bagh, Patna- 800020
Phone: 0612-2367997, 2356126
Mobile: 09304409292, 9431043451

Ford Hospital & Research Centre Pvt. Ltd.
Address: New Bypass (NH-30), Khemni chak,
PO - New Jaganpura, PS - Ramkrishna Nagar, Patna - 800027 (Bihar)
Phone: 0612-3215884, 3215885, 3215886
E-mail:admin@fordhospital.org info@fordhospital.org
Website: https://www.fordhospital.org/

Heart Hospital Ltd.
Address: Chandralay, Near Central School
Kankarbagh, Patna - 800020
Phone: 0612-2356126, 2346606, 2367997
Mobile: +91-9334106124
Ambulance: +91-9334106124
E-mail:hhplpat@gmail.com, info@hearthospitalpatna.com
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Ambulance Services in Bihar

In case of road accidents, fire tragedy, emergency health problems, ambulance services are foremost contacted to take patient or sufferer to the hospital at earliest. In Bihar, ambulance helpline is available in all the districts. Advance ambulance service is also available in Patna district of the state. Apart from that all major hospitals and private operators also provide ambulance services in the state.

Ambulance Service Helpline: 102
Advance Ambulance Service (Patna): 108

Blood Banks in Bihar

Blood banks are undoubtedly necessity of every time as nobody knows what is going to be next. And blood is the main thing which is mostly need in case of an emergency to save a precious life or many lives. Blood bank serves as a blood collection, processing, testing and storage center for donated blood which is later used for medical purpose. Blood transfusion is mostly required in case of heavy blood loss due to trauma or for major surgery or due to any kind of blood related major health ailment. In such condition, blood banks provide timely aid to the patients by arranging required blood in time.
Thus, among all the major emergency services, preference is given to blood banks and blood donation camps are organized from time to time in every part of the country. And a number of blood banks are established for this purpose across the country. Bihar also houses several blood banks having storage of blood for emergency use. Indian Red Cross Society has been authorized for arranging blood in the state of Bihar. Along with all major hospitals have blood bank facility and other rely on blood banks supported by various organizations.

Bihar State AIDS Control Society
State Institute of Health & Family Welfare Building
Sheikhpura, Patna - 800 014
Phone: +91-612-2290278
Fax: +91-612-2282082
Website: https://www.bsacs.in/

Indian Red Cross Society
Bihar State Branch
Address: North Gandhi Maidan, Patna, Bihar
Phone:0612-2201035,2226267(O), 586043(R)
Mobile: 09334164031
Fax: 2234869, 2238374, 2232868
E-mail: ircbihar@dte.vsnl.net.in
Website: https://www.indianredcross.org/ircs/index.php

Bihar Blood Bank
Address:Maa Vaishno Devi Seva Samiti(Bihar)
Second Floor, Maa Patandevi Place, Opposite Uday Palace
Govind Mitra Road, Patna - 800004, Bihar
Mobile: 09308393446
E-mail:biharbloodbank@gmail.com, mukesh1972@rediffmail.com
Website: https://www.biharbloodbank.com/

Life Line Blood Bank
Address: G.M Road, Patna, Bihar
Phone: 2303025, 9234990509

Patliputra Blood Bank
Address: Ashok Rajpath, Patna, Bihar
Phone: 0612-2300840

National Blood Bank & Research Center
Address: Kankarbagh, Patna, Bihar
Phone: 0612-2355575

I.R.C.S. Blood Bank
Address: Motihari, Bihar
Phone: 06252-232202

Indira Gandhi Institute of Medical Science
Address: Patna, Bihar
Phone: 2287099, 287099, 287404, 283744, 287225

Kurji Holy Family Hospital
Address: Patna, Bihar
Phone: 2262540, 2262516

Mahavir Cancer Institute
Address: Phulawarisarif, Patna, Bihar
Phone: 0612-2250127, 2253956

Palm View Hospital Blood Bank
Address: Ambedkar Path, Nandnpuri, Khajpura, Patna
Phone: 0612-2598738, 9334123578

State of the Art Model Blood Bank
Address: C/o Jai Phrabha Hospital Kankarbagh, Patna
Phone: 0612-2355805, 3253172

J.L.N. Medical College Hospital
Address: Bhagalpur, Bihar
Phone: 0641-2409555

Old Blood Bank, Darbhanga Medical College Hospital
Address: Laheriasarai, Darbhanga, Bihar
Phone: 06272-233190

A.N.M. Medical College Hospital
Address: Gaya, Bihar
Phone: 0631-3201810

Sadar Hospital
Address: Saran (Chhapra), Bihar
Phone: 06152-244309

Deshratan Dr. Rajendra Prasad Memorial Rotary Blood Bank
Address: Kali Asthan, Begusarai, Bihar
Phone: 06243-210354, 9835239088

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Fire Services in Bihar

Fire services are mandatory for controlling fire and providing assistance to the victims. Hence, fire stations have been established in most of the district of Bihar state. All these fire stations are well equipped with manpower and necessary equipment's too. Due to presence of these fire stations in Bihar, one can easily contact nearest one in case of fire at any place in the state. For more click here

State Chief Fire Officer
Office: 0612-2222467
Residence: 2534864
Mobile: 94311448273

Fire Brigade Control Room, Patna - 0612-2222223 / 101

Bihar is highly populated and thus requires a vast network of utility services to cater large number of population. Hopefully, all the major utilities are available for citizens in the state. Bihar is the state having vulnerability to different natural disasters and thus well organized structure of emergency services is too necessary in this part of the country. Hence, a number of emergency services are also present and ready to serve citizens in need. Overall, utility and emergency services in Bihar are satisfactory and improving day by day.

Click Here for Information on Emergency Services in Buxar | Darbhanga | Jamalpur | Nalanda | Sasaram

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