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Food in Bihar


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Food in Bihar

Bihar state is famous for its rich history as much as it is known in India for accommodating its simple and straightforward masses who love variety of foods. The inhabitants of this state are therefore realistic and of course known in the country for a sense of hospitality. This distinction doesn’t end here. They always love good food. In fact Bihari cuisine is famous in entire northern region of the country due to it being distinct in many aspects. As the state is culturally vibrant its food varieties are vividly known in the country. Its extensive richness in agriculture and various other resources are known to the world but equally do marvel state’s diverse food culture.

Food in Bihar
Enjoy the taste of Bihar

Unique feature of Bihar’s food or multi-cuisine is that it maintains simplicity yet remains one of the most appealing food choices in the country. Its freshness and goodness in both vegetarian and non-vegetarian foods always give mouthwatering feel to everybody willing to taste a food which any food lover admire and can’t ignore. As rich culture and tradition of this region prevails since many centuries, inhabitants of Bihar always like the nutritious diets of their choice. It is worth noting that people usually prefer vegetarian food as much as they explore other varieties from the array of non-vegetarian dishes they love to eat.

Famous Dishes of Bihar

Famous Dishes of BiharThe food culture in Bihar is not confined to mere Bihar state today. Its diverse cuisine can be seen in the nearby states of Jharkhand, Eastern Uttar Pradesh and even some foreign countries where people of Bihar have settled over the centuries. So, one sees this state’s food culture in the countries such as Bangladesh, Nepal, Mauritius, Fiji and few parts of nearby country Pakistan as well besides the countries like Guyana, and Trinidad and Tobago et al. The food culture of this state is mainly of vegetarian nature when it comes to portraying traditional Bihari food habits is concerned. No matter what dish you choose from the Bihari cuisine you can easily analyze that they are very much simple still popular and full of taste and most importantly it takes no additional efforts for their preparation. Equally are Bihar’s dishes satisfying for food lovers exploring variety because they all don’t have any type of complex ingredients? Such meals bring a sense of satisfaction in a person who feels fuller after eating them. Some of the notable dishes of Bihar are as follows:-

Bihari Thali: It is composite food choice from Bihar whose ingredients keep changing on the basis of the specific seasons but commonest of its ingredients that remain constant in this dish throughout the year include rice, roti, achar, chatni, dals and milk besides variety of sweets.

Litti: This food is famous in all parts of Bihar. It is prepared by mixing powdered baked gram and chopped onions, green chillies, lemon juice and coriander leaves with atta filling inside and cooked in the coal or deep friend oil or barbecued style. When eaten with curd, Ghee, or chokha it gives wonderful taste.

Kadhi Bari: This is a fried soft dumpling prepared from the gram flour or besan and its cooking is mainly spicy gravy with ample yogurt. It is commonly served with plain rice.

Khichdi: Special Bihari Khichdi is known in whole state and is prepared by mixing rice, dal and different types of seasonal vegetables. All ingredients are mixed together to cook in such way that they offer distinct food taste as a combination dish. Ghee is served with this dish to enhance its taste.

Ghugni: Black soaked grams are cooked to prepare it in the mustard oil. Various types of garam masalas are mixed as paste on the sil to prepare this dish.

Pittha: Prepared in a local style, Pittha is very much like famous momos but they offer different taste and are prepared either in salty or sweet depending on one’s choice. Semi-circular/ball shaped Pitthas are prepared from soft rice flour crusts, channa daal lentil paste, or poppy seeds are steamed in water/ milk to give the final shape.

Choora: It is beaten rice usually served with the coat of creamy curd and sugar or jaggery and it therefore remains best breakfast choice in the wintertime. Once baked mildly with an addition to peas and onions and it looks tasty to eat.

Sattu: The powdered baked gram called sattu is considered an energy food due to mixing water or milk to give it final shape. If sattu is mixed with spices for the preparation of stuffed chapattis it becomes famous Bihari makuni roti for a great food variety.

Dhuska: It is a deep fried food stuff usually prepared by mixing ghee and powdered rice with the required salt as per one’s taste.

Vegetarian Cuisines in Bihar

Choices in the vegetarian foods are unlimited in Bihar state. People ensure that they use variety of dairy products in the foods they eat. Their food always contains yogurt or dahi besides rest milk items such as buttermilk or mattha, ghee, lassi and butter amongst others. An important aspect of food culture in this state is that it maintains seasonal food depending on the vegetables produced in the specific seasons. A few famous foods of Bihar that have become equally popular in other parts of country as well and even in the worldwide locations are special Sattu Paratha stuffed with the fried chickpea flour, chokha (spicy mashed potatoes), fish curry and it unique Bihari Kebab, Postaa-dana kaa halwaa besides many more such items to make state’s food culture truly noteworthy.

Non-Vegetarian Cuisines in Bihar

Non-Vegetarian Cuisines in Bihar
Non-Vegetarian Cuisines in Bihar

Although it looks interesting but the fact is undeniable that food culture in Bihar is very much associated with the lifestyle and religious learning of state’s inhabitants. One finds the taste and preference of Buddhists, Hindus and Muslims with ample variations in the foods cooked and at the same juncture they maintain thorough unity in diversity. Culture of preparing unique meat contained or fish dishes are worth noting. One can see the common food practices of several special dishes prepared from chicken and mutton in this state. Alongside good varieties of vegetarian food popular in Bihar’s cuisine, several non-vegetarian foods are also available and remains popular in the state as well as in several other parts of the country nowadays. These non-vegetarian foods include:-

Bihari Kebab: Specially prepared kebabs from mutton or other meat stuffs known as Bihari Kebabs is unique dish from the state. This mutton grilled dish is usually taken with roti, paratha and or boiled rice and therefore remains a favorite food choice in this state.

Prawns: Prepared in the special Bihari style with unique combination of ingredients and spices.

Mutton Biryani: It is a famous dish in Bihar that combines rice and mutton and it is prepared in the typical regional style.

Shaahi Jhinga Masaledaar: This dish is famous in Bihar state and is popular in its all regions.

Jhor Waali Machhli: It is an exclusive fish dish from the Bihar state.

Jhinga Biryaani: This typical Biryani is prepared through using rice and jhinga fish to prepare the unique dish.

Chicken Tandoori: Bihar’s typical food mixes chicken with specific ingredients to prepare it.

Kela Machali: It is a fish item cooked with the special cooking bananas.

The variety of foods is unlimited when it comes to choosing Bihar’s exclusive food choice. Their cooking methods and ingredients change in different places of the state but they are very much exclusive in whole state and therefore attract the food lovers in all parts of the country nowadays.

Special Fast Food of Bihar

Fast food culture is seen in all parts of the country where one can fill the hunger by making the option from easily prepared dishes. Like common fast food choices from the national menu, Bihar state maintains its distinction by special fast food options which are commonly not found in other parts of the country. A few of the famous regional fast food from Bihar as following dishes that are now equally gaining popularity out of the state.

Litti Chokhaa: It is special fast food of Bihar that requires minimum utensils to prepare hence remains best choice as outdoor food option. This ball shaped dish can be baked easily in the mild fire in an electric oven or microwave oven. Its ingredients are crusts prepared from hard dough of wheat flour and dry amorphous that includes Sattu (gram flour) and various spices. The dish remains incomplete without special Chokhaa which is prepared from mashed potato or brinjal with the addition of green chillies and coriander leaves to provide wonderful flavor.

Bhunjia: It is special sautéed vegetable item prepared through mixing spices. Potato is its important ingredient and it best suits with lentils and chappattis as fast food.

Samosa Chaat: Mixing samosas with sweet chatni, curd and various salty mixtures such as chura and onion to other preferable garnishing items it looks best fast food option.

Bajka; Bhurta; Samosa and Kachori are some other fast food options in Bihar state. One more popular item is Bhunja that are common for evening snacks.

There is abundant choice and food lovers can choose and enjoy a great food taste. They are the varieties of food prepared with seasonal variances in ingredients used. Some other foods in Bihar state which can’t be ignored include numerous types of appetizers like Chaat; Golgappa; Chatni; Jhal Murhi; Dahi Vada; Pakora; Raita; Tarua; Kachauri and variety of Saags including Munga Saag; Kalmi Saag; Gandhari Saag; Koinar Saag; Chakod Saag; Sarla Saag; Chench Saag; Chimti Saag; Katai Saag; Dhhahdhhaa Saag; Golgola Saag; Khesaari Saag; Poi Saag; Palak Saag; Bathua Saag and Methi Saag amongst others to offer best food choice.

Beverages in Bihar

Food of Bihar remains incomplete without its specially prepared beverages. Several milk based beverages are prepared in this state which offer ample varieties in food. Besides milk items the beverages are also prepared from other stuffs because it is considered that foods are incomplete without the special types of beverage drinks that complete the meals. As beverages are healthy and tasty they remain main choices for special occasions. Some famous beverages in Bihar are:-

Bihari Lassi: Both sweet and salted lassi beverage are prepared from yogurt. It is a healthy beverage drink and is considered best during the summertime to beat the scorching heat to feel relief during such seasons. It is common throughout the country.

Sharbat: Uniquely prepared sweet syrup named sharbat is common in the households of Bihar. Guests are usually offered a glass of such beverages in the welcome gesture. They are sweeter and have the ingredients of khus-khus, gulab (rose), kewra, kesar and various such items that make them interesting drink and common during the summer period.

Desserts in Bihar

Bihar offers varieties in staple food which mainly contain wheat and rice based ingredients. It is part of daily meals in Bihar’s homes or restaurants. Chapattis and rotis are common and so is usual rice in the state. Bihari Thali is a famous staple in Bihar state. It takes no special effort to prepare such food that has attained ample popularity in whole state. Nutrient ingredients of dishes prepared are combination food making it popular in the state and so is it now known in many parts of the country. State’s staple food contains milk and dairy products especially curd, buttermilk, ghee and of course variety of salads to make the food wholesome to enjoy. Bihar has its own stylish delicious desserts that seek the attention of many food lovers. In fact state’s cuisine remains incomplete without its sweetness varieties. Notable Bihari desserts as part of its foods contain rich ghee, sugar and dry fruits in abundant quantity. A few of them are as follows:-

Motichoor ka Laddoo: This sweet delicacy is prepared through soaking ingredients in syrups made of sugar and remains popular in Bihar’s cuisines as well as in the nearby states.

Khaja: This sweet is special in the Bihar’s dishes and is often compared with Greek baklava.

Tilkut or Til Burfi: This sweet item is prepared from sesame seed and is a common choice during the winter season. Prepared through thick hard sugar base and sesame seed mixture and is given round shape, this sweet is worth tasting during the wintertime.

Kaju ki Barfi: A special sweet prepared with ghee, milk, dry fruits especially cashews, sugar and cardamom powder amongst others.

Jalebis: It is a favorite sweet presented after main meals or in light dishes. It is prepared from flour, baking powder, yogurt, vegetable/canola/sunflower cooking oil, sugar, strands saffron, cardamom powder, orange food colour and rose water.

Some more desserts in Bihar which have gained ample popularity in the state and in the nearby regions due to their varieties and preferences are malpua, Rabri or Basundi, Rasia Kheer, Thekua, Churma, Balushahi, Anarasa, Gulab Jamun, Kala Jamun, Pantua, Peda, Khurma, Parwal ki Mithai, Khubi ka Lai, Belgrami Padokkia, Murki, Pirikya, Postaa-dana kaa Halwa, Kasar, Lai, Dangra ka Tilkut, Paan Peda, Gaja, Mitha Chawal etc.

Top Famous Restaurants in Bihar

Bihar has common trend of two heavy meals in lunch and dinner besides one light meal in the morning time and even lighter snacks with some light drinks like tea or coffee during evenings. Both lunch and dinners usually contain the famous Bihari Thali dish which is all inclusive dish in the state that constitutes the zest of state’s general local food. Although Bihari Thali is a simple food choice it contains the required deliciousness to make one enjoy it to the most. This dish contains rice, breads, puri, butter, curd, different types of vegetables, papad and variety of sweets amongst others. Both ingredients and items vary depending on the specific time period of the year when this dish is served. Seasonal veggies remain one of the major preferred in the meal course. Commonest of vegetables are green chana or cholia; cauliflower; green peas; dry ladyfinger curry, baigan ka bharta, bathua ka raita, tinde ki sabji, pethe ki sabji and ghia ki sabji amongst others depending on the particular occasion when the meal is served.

Famous Restaurants in Bihar
Dine at famous restaurants of Bihar

Major places where street foods are sold in Bihar include state capital Patna and other major cities of the state besides almost all district headquarters cities. One finds the stalls dealing into such foods in almost all urban or semi-urban establishments. It is important though to make sure that proper hygiene is maintained and one must check that before buying such foods. Visitors and locals in the cities of Bihar especially in the state capital Patna can enjoy the best of exotic culinary and eat variety of dishes they like. Bihar has a simple culture and its cultural ethos and simplicity can be well observed from people’s lifestyle and foods. Most restaurants in this state are located in the capital Patna where sumptuous foods are sold. Almost all cities in the state own best restaurants. Here is a detail of selected restaurants in the state capital.

Crown Castle Fine Dine Restaurant
Address: Near Boring Road Crossing, Patna - 800001 (Bihar) – India
Phone No: +(91) - 9771456904

Crown Castle Fine Dine Restaurant is a landmark in the state capital Patna. This restaurant is known for its exotic culinary and quality food. People willing to spend good time in the best of comforts and to enjoy food delicacies often visit this restaurant for a momentous experience.

Mainland China
Address:Bakarganj Road, Dunda Shahi Complex, Salimpur Ahra, Bakerganj, Patna - 563101 (Bihar)
Phone No: +91 612 321 1922

As the name suggests, Mainland China restaurant is known in the state capital Patna for its special Chinese food varieties. People come here to enjoy all types of Chinese food in its peace and tranquil environment.

Raj Rasoi
Address:South Gandhi Maidan, Hathwa Twin Towers, Patna – 800001 (Bihar) – India
Phone No: +91 6123 225020

Raj Rasoi is a famous name in the heart of Patna city nearby renowned Gandhi Maidan area. It is here that good number of people arrives for fine dining experience in the comfort zone. As this is one of the most well maintained restaurants in the city which facilitates variety of food choices it remains an ultimate name for the foodies in Patna city of Bihar.

Bansi Vihar
Address: Frazer Road, Near Petrol Pump, Patna – 800001 (Bihar) – India
Phone No: +91 0612 2224804

Bansi Vihar is one of the famous restaurants in state capital Patna city’s Frazer Road area that sees ample rush throughout the year. This restaurant offers all types of foods from Indian to Chinese and common local dishes.

Address: Boring Canal Road, Duzra, Patna – 800001 (Bihar) – India
Phone No: Not Available

The International Fast Food chain KFC has its operation in the Bihar state capital city Patna as well. People enjoy their time in the well maintained restaurants and enjoy fun time while eating.

Tandoor Hut
Address: BSFC Building, Near ICICI Bank, Frazer Road, Patna – 800001 (Bihar) – India
Phone No: +91 9304871717I

With its unique concept of serving themed food, Tandoor Hut is a big name in the Patna city where visitors can explore eating quality food. This restaurant remains a popular stop for the foodies to enjoy quality Indian dishes.

Kapil Dev's Elevens
Address: Lower Ground Floor, Dumraow Kothi, Frazer Road, Patna – 800001 (Bihar) – India
Phone No: +91 9709569967

This chain of restaurant denoted to cricketer Kapil Dev is known in the city circles in Patna. In fact Kapil Dev's Elevens welcomes city’s who’s who willing to eat good variety of quality food in the best of comfort. As the restaurant is located in the heart of modern Patna city, people always prefer to spend some good time there to take taste of foods with family or friends.

Address: Boring Road Crossing, Junction of Crossing Few Steps Towards South – 800001 (Bihar) – India
Phone No: Not Available

Famous fast food cum ready food shop and restaurant Haldirams has its branch in highly rushed area in the state capital city of Patna. It is visited by large chunk of foodies who want variety of in Patna. It offers almost all types of fast food options besides special sweets and salty items for which Haldirams is known for.

The Yellow Chilli
Address: Hira Place, Dak Bunglow Road, Chajju Bagh, – 800001 (Bihar) – India
Phone No: Not Available

Food lovers can’t miss out The Yellow Chilli restaurant in Patna which offers good variety of dishes. It is here that youngsters dine and make fun many times.

17 Degrees
Address: P&M Pall, Patna – 800001 (Bihar) – India
Phone No: Not Available

Famous food chain restaurant 17 Degrees has its branch in the P&M Pall in Patna to offer wonderful food varieties.

Raj Darbar
Address: Pandey Plaza, Exhibition Road, Patna – 800001 (Bihar) – India
Phone No: +91 9334114573

Patna’s Raj Darbar restaurant is famous for its royal style of serving dishes to the guests. It offers ample variety of vegetarian and non-vegetarian food varieties. It has become most sought after restaurant in the city due to its location at the Exhibition Road where city welcomes most of the shoppers. Patna visitors make sure to come here to explore this place and once they are at this place, they definitely want to taste some good food which Raj Darbar offers them.

Pind Balluchi
Address:16-18th Floor, Biscoman Towers, Gandhi Maidan, Patna – 803110 (Bihar) – India
Phone No: +91 91 612 221 9101

Pind Balluchi chain of restaurants in Patna is famous for two things. This restaurant is famous for its variety of dishes offered with national and local flavor and of equal interest is the location of this restaurant in the city’s most sought after place Biscoman Towers’ highest floors from where one can have a view of the entire city. People eating out in Pind Balluchi realize in due course of their short stay how the place seems moving slowly and backdrops change. It is worth investing some money for quality and tranquil time one gets to enjoy when eating here.

Yo China
Address: Dak Bunglow Road, Santosha Complex, Bandar Bageecha, Patna – 800001 (Bihar) – India
Phone No: Not Available

Yo China is a themed restaurant in Patna which offers exclusive food options to its guests. As the name suggests, this restaurant mainly offers variety of Chinese dishes. Youths always come here for fun time and enjoy some variety food.

The Rock
Address: Mani Road Danapur Cantt, Danapur Bazar, Opposite Ganesg Book House, Patna – 801503 (Bihar) – India
Phone No: Not Available

The Rock is one of the fast emerging restaurants where multiple food varieties are served. This restaurant has become popular amongst the family visitors. It is a good place to enjoy good food and so can one enjoy best time with family get together.

Aryan Restaurant
Address:12 I A S Colony, Opposite Sri Krishna Park, Kidwaipuri, Patna – 800020 (Bihar) – India
Phone No: +91 6123 214232

Aryan Restaurant is popular name for quality food and variety of vegetarian and non-vegetarian dishes.

Biryani Mahal
Address: Near Buddha Marg, Kotwali Chauraha, Patna (Bihar) – India
Phone No: +91 9308017097

Those willing to enjoy best of biryanis in Patna must visit Biryani Mahal for a great exploration of variety of vegetarian and non-vegetarian biryanis to enjoy. It is a famous name in the city for those wanting to taste something unique as far as food varieties are concerned. Biryani Mahal therefore is a great place to visit in Patna and enjoy biryanis of different categories.

Tunday Kababi
Address: 216/A Ground Floor, S.K.Puri, Boring Canal Road, Patna – 800001 (Bihar) – India
Phone No: +91 7277777701

Tunday Kababi is a great place for the non-vegetarians to taste something exclusive in the meat dishes. Its kebabs are famous and sought after. Visitors come from the far off areas from all parts of the city. Foodies make sure to make at least one visit during their Patna interlude.

Like various other parts of the country where roadside dhabas are common scenes, almost all parts of the Bihar state accommodate dhabas which are roadside restaurants that offer reasonably affordable food. Most such restaurants are located by the sides of highway and remain most popular amongst the travellers in the outskirt locations. Such restaurants are located in almost all parts of the state’s highways where variety of foods are prepared to cater to the needs of regular travellers. Be careful while approaching such dhabas as only less number of them maintains proper hygiene. There has occurred drastic improvement with the popularity of such restaurants in the states in the last couple of years.

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