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Transport Services in Bihar


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Transport Services in Bihar

Bihar is one of the important states in India and serves as a major transit center which links northeastern regions with other parts of the country. This is a prime region that it enjoys wholesome transportation facilities with vast network of roadways, railways and airways that provides it perfect connectivity with other major parts of the country and world too. Bihar ranks third in terms of population in India which further necessitates the demand for quality transport network . When we talk about transport facilities in Bihar, it is both convenient and cost-effective making.

Transport in Bihar

Transport Department, Govt. of Bihar

Transport department operating under Government of Bihar is the main authority which overlooks entire setup of transportation in the state. Several other departments and authorities concerning transport services also work under its supervision. Transport department of Bihar government aims to provide a fully integrated pro-active transport system and infrastructure in the state. It also works towards making transportation cost-effective and convenient to make trade and related activities easier. To update transport facilities in the state, transport department launches several schemes from time to time. Transport department of Bihar has also launched a helpline number for quick redressal of public grievances. In case of any complaint about demanding of bribe for work at DTO or if client is not getting their Driving License and Vehicle Registration documents on time, one can register complaints on this number. Such complaints will be attended by the customer care immediately and after verification complaint is forwarded to the dealing officer for taking needed action against the complaint.

Bihar transport system
Grand Trunk Road which is one of Asia's oldest and longest major roads dates back to Mauryan period and was renovated by Afghan ruler Sher Shah Suri, to connect Agra, his capital, with Sasaram, his hometown in Bihar.

Transport Department in Bihar recently launched the Computerized Learner’s License Test (CLLT) module on 10th March, 2013 at Patna Transport Office. Transport Department issues driving license and main objective of this initiative is to replace the then manual-testing process. This is the first time when such a computer-aided learners’ license test is being conducted in the state. This scheme has been a big hit as it not only saves time but also reduces interference of touts. Entire procedure of this learners' testing is hassle free and delivery time of learner license has also reduced with implementation of this scheme.

Transport Department, Govt. of Bihar
Vishwesaraiya Bhawan, Bailey Road, Patna - 800 015
Official Website:

Transport Helpline (9:30 a.m. – 6:00 p.m.)
Phone: 0612-3212534 / 0612-2233333
Fax: 0612-2546212

Road Construction Department, Govt. of Bihar

Road construction department also operates under state government of Bihar and is responsible for construction of roads and bridges. This department works with objective of planning and designing road network to provide optimized connectivity to rural and urban areas as well as ensuring proper management of road communication to achieve goal of socio-economic development of the state. It also owes responsibility of upgradation, construction and maintenance of the roads and bridges using latest technology of construction.

Road Construction Department, Govt. of Bihar
Vishweshwaraiya Bhawan, Patna - 800 015
Official Website:

Toll Free No. : 1800-345-6161
Maintenance Cell: 0612-2545047

Roadways in Bihar

Bihar has a full-fledged network of state roadways and national highways. There are 29 national highways covering 2,910 km and a number of state highways with total length of 3,766 km. Major national highways which cover this state are NH 2, 19, 28, 28A, 28B, 30, 30A, 31, 57, 57A, 77, 80, 81, 82, 83, 84, 85, 98, 102, 101, 103, 104, 105, 106, 107 and 110. East-West corridor runs through Muzaffarpur-Darbhanga-Purnia cities of Bihar. Bihar State Road Transport Corporation (BSRTC) provides regular transport services in every nook and corner of the state. Bihar State Tourism Development Corporation (BSTDC) also ply luxury buses on various routes in the state.

Bihar State Road Transport Corporation (BSRTC)

To mange overall road transport facilities in the state, Bihar State Road Transport Corporation (BSRTC) was set up in 1959 under the provisions of Road Transport Corporation Act, 1950. BSRTC is a state-owned road transportation company, wholly owned by the Government of Bihar. Earlier, in 1953, Rajya Transport was established to maintain transport setup and at the same time, nationalization of some major routes also took place in the state. In May 1959, Rajya Transport was transferred to the newly created statuary corporation of BSRTC. From then, BSRTC is the main body providing road transport services in the state of Bihar.

Bihar State Road Transport Corporation (BSRTC)

BSRTC operates and maintains a fleet of more than 300 buses connecting all cities and towns within state of Bihar and neighboring states too. BSRTC not only connects every nook and corner of the state but also links this state with other surrounding regions including Uttar Pradesh, Jharkhand, Chhattisgarh, West Bengal and Odisha. However, contract for operation and maintenance of the buses has been given to two private companies viz. GIPL and Royal Cruiser. This contract is based upon public-private partnership (PPP).

Recently, BSRTC has entered into multiple agreements with Gireesh Infrastructure Pvt. Ltd (GIPL) to operate luxury coaches i.e. Mercedes Benz & Volvo covering cities within the state and outside. BSRTC's interstate luxury buses are well equipped with modern and passenger friendly equipments and services too. Premium Volvo air conditioned buses usually ply on inter-state routes including six routes between Bihar-Chhattisgarh, eight routes between Bihar-Jharkhand and nine routes between Bihar-Odisha. While nine buses ply on four different routes between Patna and Ranchi, Patna and Jamshedpur, Gaya and Ranchi and Gaya and Jamshedpur. Well, new routes are also being adding constantly to enhance transport services in the region. Bihar State Road Transport Corporation (BSRTC) aims to provide an effective transport system infrastructure to the people residing and visiting the state ensuring safety, reliability and cost efficiency in terms of roadways transportation.

Bihar State Road Transport Corporation (BSRTC)
Address: Bailey Road, Patna

Arvind Kumar Choudhary, Administrator, BSRTC

Tel: (0612)-2222011, 2222173

Railways in Bihar

Bihar has perfect rail connectivity within state and with other parts of the country. Bihar comes under East Central Railway division of Indian Railways which provides railway services in this state. A well-connected network of railways provides internal connectivity to most of the cities in Bihar as well as links it with other major cities of the country. Patna railway station is the major rail head in the state which has perfect connectivity with metropolitan cities i.e. Delhi, Kolkata, Mumbai and Chennai. Hajipur is zonal headquarter of East Central railway in Bihar. Nepal Railways also operates two railway lines in Bihar. First one is 6 km broad gauge line connecting Raxaul in India to Sirsiya Inland Container Depot or Dry Port near Birganj in Nepal and this line is only used for cargo freight. Second line is 53 km 2 ft 6 in (762 mm) narrow gauge line connecting Jaynagar in India to Bijalpura in Nepal. This line has two sections, 32 km from Jaynagar to Janakpur and 21 km from Janakpur to Bijalpura. This line is mainly used for passengers.

East Central Railway
Headquarters: Hajipur, Bihar

Railway Stations in Bihar

Patna Junction
Address: Station Road, Patna, Bihar, India
Line(s): Howrah-Delhi main line
Asansol-Patna section
Patna-Mughalsarai section
Patna-Gaya line
Zone(s): East Central Railway
Division(s): Danapur Division

Station Name: Azamnagar Road
Station Code: AZR
Location: Azamnagar Road, Katihar, Bihar

Station Name: Ajharail

Station Code: AHL
Location: Bagdob, Katihar, Bihar

Station Name: Dalan
Station Code: DLF
Location: Dalan, Katihar, Bihar

Station Name: Dandkhora
Station Code: DNQ
Location: Dand Khora, Katihar, Bihar

Station Name: Gorphar
Station Code: GRR
Location: Gurpahar, Katihar, Bihar

Station Name: Karagola Road
Station Code: CRR
Location: Karagola Road, Katihar, Bihar

Station Name: Katihar Junction
Station Code: KIR
Location: Katihar, Bihar

Station Name: Kursela

Station Code: KUE
Location: Kursela, Katihar, Bihar

Station Name: Mahiyarpur

Station Code: MHPR
Location: Mahiyarpur, Katihar, Bihar

Station Name: Manihari
Station Code: MHI
Location: Manihari, Katihar, Bihar

Station Name: Meenapur
Station Code: MENP
Location: Meenapur, Katihar, Bihar

Station Name: Manshahi
Station Code: MNS
Location: Naraenpur, Katihar, Bihar

Station Name: Nayatola
Station Code: NYT
Location: Nayatola, Katihar, Bihar

Station Name: Bachwara Junction
Station Code: BCA
Location: Bachwara Jn, Begusarai, Bihar

Station Name: Barauni Junction
Station Code: BJU
Location: Barauni, Begusarai, Bihar

Station Name: Barauni Flag
Station Code: BUJ
Location: Barauni Flag, Begusarai, Bihar

Station Name: Begusarai
Station Code: BGS
Location: Begusarai, Bihar

Station Name: Garhara
Station Code: GHX
Location: Garhara, Begusarai, Bihar

Station Name: Garhpura
Station Code: GRPA
Location: Garhpura, Begusarai, Bihar

Station Name: Lakhminia
Station Code: LKN
Location: Lakhminia, Begusarai, Bihar

Station Name: Lakho
Station Code: LAK
Location: Lakho, Begusarai, Bihar

Station Name: Rajendra Pul
Station Code: RJO
Location: Rajendrapul, Begusarai, Bihar

Station Name: Pirpainti
Station Code: PPT
Location: Pirpainti, Bhagalpur, Bihar

Station Name: Sabaur
Station Code: SBO
Location: Sabaur, Bhagalpur, Bihar

Station Name: Shivanarayanpur
Station Code: SVRP
Location: Shivanarayanpur, Bhagalpur, Bihar

Station Name: Sultanganj
Station Code: SGG
Location: Sultanganj, Bhagalpur, Bihar

Station Name: Thana Bihpur Junction
Station Code: THB
Location: Thanabihpur, Bhagalpur, Bihar

Station Name: Tikani
Station Code: TKLE
Location: Tikani, Bhagalpur, Bihar

Station Name: Ara
Station Code: ARA
Location: Ara, Bhojpur, Bihar

Station Name: Banahi
Station Code: BYN
Location: Banahi, Bhojpur, Bihar

Station Name: Bihiya
Station Code: BEA
Location: Bihiya, Bhojpur, Bihar

Station Name: Kalyanpur Road
Station Code: KPRD
Location: Kalyanpur Road, Bhojpur, Bihar

Station Name: Karisath
Station Code: KRS
Location: Karisath, Bhojpur, Bihar

Station Name: Pipra
Station Code: PPA
Location: Pipra, Bhagalpur, Bihar

Station Name: Kauriya
Station Code: KYA
Location: Kauriya, Bhojpur, Bihar

Station Name: Koelwar
Station Code: KWR
Location: Koelwar, Bhojpur, Bihar

Station Name: Kulharia
Station Code: KUA
Location: Kulharia, Bhojpur, Bihar

Station Name: Sikaria
Station Code: SKRI
Location: Sikaria, Bhojpur, Bihar

Station Name: Ugna Halt
Station Code: UGNA
Location: Ugna Halt, Bhojpur, Bihar

Station Name: Buxar
Station Code: BXR
Location: Buxar, Bihar

Station Name: Chausa
Station Code: CSA
Location: Chausa, Buxar, Bihar

Station Name: Dumraon
Station Code: DURE
Location: Dumraon, Buxar, Bihar

Station Name: Narayanpur
Station Code: NNR
Location: Narayanpur, Buxar, Bihar

Station Name: Aurahi
Station Code: AUI
Location: Aurahi, Darbhanga, Bihar

Station Name: Darbhanga Junction
Station Code: DBG
Location: Darbhanga Jn, Darbhanga, Bihar

Station Name: Laheria Sarai
Station Code: LSI
Location: Laheriasarai, Darbhanga, Bihar

Station Name: Manigachi
Station Code: MGI
Location: Manigachi, Darbhanga, Bihar

Station Name: Paharpur
Station Code: PRP
Location: Paharpur, East Champaran, Bihar

Station Name: Parsauni
Station Code: PSZ
Location: Parsauni, East Champaran, Bihar

Station Name: Bandhua
Station Code: BNF
Location: Bandhuwa, Gaya, Bihar

Station Name: Bansinala Halt
Station Code: BNSL
Location: Bansinala Halt, Gaya, Bihar

Station Name: Baskotwa
Station Code: BSGE
Location: Baskotwa, Gaya, Bihar

Station Name: Makhdumpur Gaya
Station Code: MDE
Location: Makhdumpurgaya, Jehanabad, Bihar

Station Name: Dhanichha
Station Code: DCX
Location: Dhanichha, Kaimur, Bihar

Station Name: Khurmabad Road
Station Code: KVD
Location: Khurmabad, Kaimur, Bihar

Station Name: Kudra
Station Code: KTQ
Location: Kudra, Kaimur, Bihar

Station Name: Bhabua Road
Station Code: BBU
Location: Mohania, Kaimur, Bihar

Station Name: Muthani
Station Code: MTGE
Location: Pakrihar, Kaimur, Bihar

Station Name: Pasraha
Station Code: PSR
Location: Pasraha, Khagaria, Bihar

Station Name: Galgalia
Station Code: GAGA
Location: Galgalia, Kishanganj, Bihar

Station Name: Piprithan
Station Code: PPTN
Location: Piprithan, Kishanganj, Bihar

Station Name: Pothia
Station Code: POT
Location: Pothia, Kishanganj, Bihar

Station Name: Thakurganj
Station Code: TKG
Location: Thakurganj, Kishanganj, Bihar

Station Name: Abhaipur
Station Code: AHA
Location: Abhaipur, Lakhisarai, Bihar

Station Name: Barhiya
Station Code: BRYA
Location: Barhiya, Lakhisarai, Bihar

Station Name: Dhanauri
Station Code: DNRE
Location: Dhanauri, Lakhisarai, Bihar

Station Name: Kajra
Station Code: KJH
Location: Kajra, Lakhisarai, Bihar

Station Name: Kiul Junction
Station Code: KIUL
Location: Kiul, Lakhisarai, Bihar

Station Name: Lakhisarai Junction
Station Code: LKR
Location: Lakhisarai, Bihar

Station Name: Chaura
Station Code: CUX
Location: Chaura, Madhepura, Bihar

Station Name: Dauram Madhpura
Station Code: DMH
Location: Daurammadhpura, Madhepura, Bihar

Station Name: Ghogardiha
Station Code: GGH
Location: Ghoghardiha, Madhubani, Bihar

Station Name: Jaynagar
Station Code: JYG
Location: Jaynagar, Madhubani, Bihar

Station Name: Khajauli
Station Code: KJI
Location: Khajauli, Madhubani, Bihar

Station Name: Khutauna
Station Code: KHTN
Location: Khutuana, Madhubani, Bihar

Station Name: Korahia
Station Code: KRHA
Location: Korahia, Madhubani, Bihar

Station Name: Laukaha Bazar
Station Code: LKQ
Location: Laukahabazar, Madhubani, Bihar

Station Name: Bansipur
Station Code: BSQP
Location: Bansipur, Munger, Bihar

Station Name: Dharhara
Station Code: DRH
Location: Dharhara, Munger, Bihar

Station Name: Dhauni
Station Code: DWLE
Location: Dhauni, Munger, Bihar

Station Name: Masudan
Station Code: MSDN
Location: Masudan, Munger, Bihar

Station Name: Monghyr
Station Code: MGR
Location: Monghyr, Munger, Bihar

Station Name: Purab Sarai

Station Code: PBS
Location: Purabsarai, Munger, Bihar

Station Name: Anand Junction

Station Code: ANND
Location: Anand Jn, Muzaffarpur, Bihar

Station Name: Bariarpur
Station Code: BUP
Location: Bariarpur, Muzaffarpur, Bihar

Station Name: Bithauli
Station Code: BTHL
Location: Bithauli, Muzaffarpur, Bihar

Station Name: Dholi
Station Code: DOL
Location: Dholi, Muzaffarpur, Bihar

Station Name: Bela
Station Code: BELA
Location: Bela, Nalanda, Bihar

Station Name: Bihar Sharif
Station Code: BEHS
Location: Biharsharif, Nalanda, Bihar

Station Name: Gangani
Station Code: GNNA
Location: Gangani, Nalanda, Bihar

Station Name: Harnaut
Station Code: HRT
Location: Harnaut, Nalanda, Bihar

Station Name: Hilsa
Station Code: HIL
Location: Hilsa, Nalanda, Bihar

Station Name: Islampur
Station Code: IPR
Location: Islampur, Nalanda, Bihar

Station Name: Kashi Chak
Station Code: KSC
Location: Kashichak, Nalanda, Bihar

Station Name: Nalanda
Station Code: NLD
Location: Nalanda, Bihar

Station Name: Neyamatpur
Station Code: NYM
Location: Neyamatpur, Nalanda, Bihar

Station Name: Pawapuri Road
Station Code: PQE
Location: Pawapuri Road, Nalanda, Bihar

Station Name: Raghunathpur
Station Code: RPR
Location: Raghunathpur, Nalanda, Bihar

Station Name: Rajgir
Station Code: RGD
Location: Rajgir, Nalanda, Bihar

Station Name: Sohsarai (H)
Station Code: SOW
Location: Suhsarai, Nalanda, Bihar

Station Name: Wena
Station Code: WEN
Location: Wena, Nalanda, Bihar

Station Name: Gawnaha
Station Code: GAH
Location: Gawnaha, Pashchim Champaran, Bihar

Station Name: Harinagar
Station Code: HIR
Location: Harinagar, Pashchim Champaran, Bihar

Station Name: Karamtola
Station Code: KRMA
Location: Karamtola, Pashchim Champaran, Bihar

Station Name: Kumarbagh
Station Code: KUMB
Location: Kumarbagh, Pashchim Champaran, Bihar

Station Name: Labha
Station Code: LAV
Location: Labha, Pashchim Champaran, Bihar

Station Name: Musharwa Halt
Station Code: MSHW
Location: Musharwa Halt, Pashchim Champaran, Bihar

Station Name: Narkatiaganj Junction
Station Code: NKE
Location: Narkatiaganj, Pashchim Champaran, Bihar

Station Name: Paimar
Station Code: PMI
Location: Paimar, Pashchim Champaran, Bihar

Station Name: Gokhula
Station Code: GKA
Location: Rampur, Pashchim Champaran, Bihar

Station Name: Sikta
Station Code: STF
Location: Sikta, Pashchim Champaran, Bihar

Station Name: Alinagar Tola
Station Code: ATX
Location: Alinagar Tola, Patna, Bihar

Station Name: Hardas Bigha
Station Code: HDE
Location: Hardas Bigha, Patna, Bihar

Station Name: Hathidah Junction
Station Code: HTZ
Location: Hathidah, Patna, Bihar

Station Name: Kanhaipur
Station Code: KNHP
Location: Kanhaipur, Patna, Bihar

Station Name: Khusropur
Station Code: KOO
Location: Khusropur, Patna, Bihar

Station Name: Mokameh Junction
Station Code: MKA
Location: Mokama, Patna, Bihar

Station Name: Mor
Station Code: MOR
Location: Mor, Patna, Bihar

Station Name: Muhammadpur
Station Code: MHP
Location: Muhammadpur, Patna, Bihar

Station Name: Nadauj
Station Code: NDU
Location: Nadauj, Patna, Bihar

Station Name: Nadwan
Station Code: NDW
Location: Nadwan, Patna, Bihar

Station Name: Neora
Station Code: NEO
Location: Neora, Patna, Bihar

Station Name: Patna Junction
Station Code: PNBE
Location: Patna, Bihar

Station Name: Patna Ghat
Station Code: PTG
Location: Patna Ghat, Patna, Bihar

Station Name: Patna Rajendra
Station Code: PNBG
Location: Patna Rajendra, Patna, Bihar

Station Name: Patna Saheb
Station Code: PNC
Location: Patna Sahib, Patna, Bihar

Station Name: Phulwari Sharif
Station Code: PWS
Location: Phulwarisharif, Patna, Bihar

Station Name: Pothahi
Station Code: PFT
Location: Pothahi, Patna, Bihar

Station Name: Punarakh
Station Code: PHK
Location: Punarakh, Patna, Bihar

Station Name: Punpun
Station Code: PPN
Location: Punpun, Patna, Bihar

Station Name: Rajendra Nagar
Station Code: RJPB
Location: Rajendra Nagar, Patna, Bihar

Station Name: Salim Pur Bihar
Station Code: SMBH
Location: Salim Pur, Patna, Bihar

Station Name: Sarsi
Station Code: SRSI
Location: Sarsi, Patna, Bihar

Station Name: S Bhakhtiyarpur
Station Code: SBV
Location: Sbhakhtiyarpur, Patna, Bihar

Station Name: Taregna
Station Code: TEA
Location: Taregna, Patna, Bihar

Station Name: Masnadih
Station Code: MSDH
Location: Unchi Dih, Purvi Champaran, Bihar

Station Name: Dehri On Sone
Station Code: DOS
Location: Dehri-On-Sone, Rohtas, Bihar

Station Name: Karwandia
Station Code: KWD
Location: Karwandiya, Rohtas, Bihar

Station Name: Kumahu
Station Code: KMGE
Location: Kumahu, Rohtas, Bihar

Station Name: Mahrail
Station Code: MHRL
Location: Mahrail, Rohtas, Bihar

Station Name: Pahaleja Halt
Station Code: PHE
Location: Pahaleja Halt, Rohtas, Bihar

Station Name: Sasaram
Station Code: SSM
Location: Sasaram, Rohtas, Bihar

Station Name: Shiu Sagar Road
Station Code: SSG
Location: Shiu Sagar Road, Rohtas, Bihar

Station Name: Garh Baruari
Station Code: GEB
Location: Garh Baruari, Saharsa, Bihar

Station Name: Koparia
Station Code: KFA
Location: Koparia, Saharsa, Bihar

Station Name: Panchgachia
Station Code: PGC
Location: Panchgachia, Saharsa, Bihar

Station Name: Saharsa Junction
Station Code: SHC
Location: Saharsa, Bihar

Station Name: Mohiuddin Nagar
Station Code: MOG
Location: Mohiuddin Nagar, Samastipur, Bihar

Station Name: Muktapur
Station Code: MKPR
Location: Muktapur, Samastipur, Bihar

Station Name: Nandani Lagunia
Station Code: NNNL
Location: Nandani Lagunia, Samastipur, Bihar

Station Name: Narhan
Station Code: NRN
Location: Narhan, Samastipur, Bihar

Station Name: Naya Nagar
Station Code: NWC
Location: Naya Nagar, Samastipur, Bihar

Station Name: Nazirganj
Station Code: NAZJ
Location: Nazirganj, Samastipur, Bihar

Station Name: Pandaul
Station Code: PDW
Location: Pandaul, Samastipur, Bihar

Station Name: Pusa Road
Station Code: PUV
Location: Pusa Road, Samastipur, Bihar

Station Name: Rambhaddarpur
Station Code: RBZ
Location: Rambhaddarpur, Samastipur, Bihar

Station Name: Rusera Ghat
Station Code: ROA
Location: Ruseraghat, Samastipur, Bihar

Station Name: Samastipur Junction
Station Code: SPJ
Location: Samastipur Jn, Samastipur, Bihar

Station Name: Shahpur Patoree
Station Code: SPP
Location: Shahpur Patoree, Samastipur, Bihar

Station Name: Ujiarpur
Station Code: UJP
Location: Ujiarpur, Samastipur, Bihar

Station Name: Dighwa Dubauli
Station Code: DWDI
Location: Sirsa, Saran, Bihar

Station Name: Sitalpur
Station Code: STLR
Location: Sitalpur, Saran, Bihar

Station Name: Awapur
Station Code: AWPR
Location: Awapur, Sitamarhi, Bihar

Station Name: Bairagnia
Station Code: BGU
Location: Bairgania, Sitamarhi, Bihar

Station Name: Janakpur Road
Station Code: JNR
Location: Janakpur Road, Sitamarhi, Bihar

Station Name: Bajpatti
Station Code: BJT
Location: Madhuban Basaha, Sitamarhi, Bihar

Station Name: Narkatia Bazar
Station Code: NKBR
Location: Narkatia Bazar, Sitamarhi, Bihar

Station Name: Riga
Station Code: RIGA
Location: Riga, Sitamarhi, Bihar

Station Name: Sitamarhi
Station Code: SMI
Location: Sitamarhi, Bihar

Station Name: Baruna
Station Code: BUE
Location: Baruna, Siwan, Bihar

Station Name: Bhalui
Station Code: BFM
Location: Bhalui, Siwan, Bihar

Station Name: Duraundha Junction
Station Code: DDA
Location: Duraundha, Siwan, Bihar

Station Name: Jiradei
Station Code: ZRDE
Location: Jiradei, Siwan, Bihar

Station Name: Mairwa
Station Code: MW
Location: Mairwa, Siwan, Bihar

Station Name: Sahatwar
Station Code: STW
Location: Sahatwar, Siwan, Bihar

Station Name: Amlori Sarsar
Station Code: ALS
Location: Sarsar, Siwan, Bihar

Station Name: Siwan Junction
Station Code: SV
Location: Siwan Jn, Siwan, Bihar

Station Name: Siwan Kachari
Station Code: SVC
Location: Siwan Kachari, Siwan, Bihar

Station Name: Sahadai Buzurg
Station Code: SDG
Location: Sahadaibuzurg, Vaishali, Bihar

Station Name: Chakmakrand
Station Code: CKRD
Location: Halalpur Madarpur, Vaishali, Bihar

Station Name: Hasanpur Road
Station Code: HPO
Location: Hasanpur Road, Vaishali, Bihar

Station Name: Sathi
Station Code: SAHI
Location: Sathi, West Champaran, Bihar

Station Name: Majhowalia
Station Code: MJL
Location: Majhowlia, West Champaran, Bihar
Station Name: Barsoi Junction
Station Code: BOE
Location: Raghunathpur, Katihar, Bihar

Station Name: Rautara
Station Code: RWA
Location: Rautara, Katihar, Bihar

Station Name: Salmari
Station Code: SRI
Location: Salmari, Katihar, Bihar

Station Name: Semapur
Station Code: SMO
Location: Semapur, Katihar, Bihar

Station Name: Sewapuri
Station Code: SWPR
Location: Sewapuri, Katihar, Bihar

Station Name: Sudhani
Station Code: SUD
Location: Sudhani, Katihar, Bihar

Station Name: Telta

Station Code: TETA
Location: Telta, Katihar, Bihar

Station Name: Arariya
Station Code: ARR
Location: Arariya, Bihar

Station Name: Arariya Court
Station Code: ARQ
Location: Arariya Court, Araria, Bihar

Station Name: Kusiargaon
Station Code: KSY
Location: Azamnagar, Araria, Bihar

Station Name: Bathnaha
Station Code: BTF
Location: Bathnaha, Araria, Bihar

Station Name: Ikra Junction
Station Code: IKRA
Location: Ikra, Araria, Bihar

Station Name: Narpatganj
Station Code: NPV
Location: Narpatganj, Araria, Bihar

Station Name: Simraha
Station Code: SMH
Location: Simraha, Araria, Bihar

Station Name: Pachrukhi
Station Code: PCK
Location: Pachrukhi, Asawn, Bihar

Station Name: Barahat
Station Code: BHLE
Location: Barahat, Banka, Bihar

Station Name: Panjwara Road
Station Code: PJLE
Location: Panjwara Road, Banka, Bihar

Station Name: Punsia
Station Code: PNSA
Location: Punsia, Banka, Bihar

Station Name: Ratanpur
Station Code: RPUR
Location: Ratanpur, Begusarai, Bihar

Station Name: Sanha
Station Code: SXW
Location: Sanha, Begusarai, Bihar

Station Name: Sherpur Dhipura
Station Code: SPPA
Location: Sherpur Dhipura, Begusarai, Bihar

Station Name: Simaria
Station Code: SAE
Location: Simaria, Begusarai, Bihar

Station Name: Tilrath
Station Code: TIL
Location: Tilrath, Begusarai, Bihar

Station Name: Lailakh Mamlkha
Station Code: LMM
Location: Baijalpur, Bhagalpur, Bihar

Station Name: Bhagalpur
Station Code: BGP
Location: Bhagalpur, Bihar

Station Name: Dadpur
Station Code: DPX
Location: Dadpur, Bhagalpur, Bihar

Station Name: Ghoga
Station Code: GGA
Location: Ghoga, Bhagalpur, Bihar

Station Name: Habibpur
Station Code: HBE
Location: Habipur, Bhagalpur, Bihar

Station Name: Hatpuraini
Station Code: HPLE
Location: Hatpuraini, Bhagalpur, Bihar

Station Name: Kahalgaon
Station Code: CLG
Location: Kahalgaon, Bhagalpur, Bihar

Station Name: Katareah
Station Code: KTRH
Location: Katareah, Bhagalpur, Bihar

Station Name: Kollikhutaha
Station Code: KKTA
Location: Khutaha, Bhagalpur, Bihar

Station Name: Lattipur
Station Code: LTP
Location: Lattipur, Bhagalpur, Bihar

Station Name: Mahadeopur Ghat
Station Code: MGP
Location: Mahadeopur Ghat, Bhagalpur, Bihar

Station Name: Maheshi
Station Code: MVV
Location: Maheshi, Bhagalpur, Bihar

Station Name: Nathnagar
Station Code: NAT
Location: Nathnagar, Bhagalpur, Bihar

Station Name: Naugachia
Station Code: NNA
Location: Naugachia, Bhagalpur, Bihar

Station Name: Chakand
Station Code: CKH
Location: Chakand, Gaya, Bihar

Station Name: Gaya Junction
Station Code: GAYA
Location: Gaya Jn, Gaya, Bihar

Station Name: Guraru
Station Code: GRRU
Location: Guraru, Gaya, Bihar

Station Name: Gurpa
Station Code: GAP
Location: Gurpa, Gaya, Bihar

Station Name: Manpur Junction
Station Code: MPO
Location: Kamalpur, Gaya, Bihar

Station Name: Karjara
Station Code: KRJR
Location: Kaua Khoh, Gaya, Bihar

Station Name: Kastha
Station Code: KSTA
Location: Khiri, Gaya, Bihar

Station Name: Paraiya
Station Code: PRY
Location: Paraiya, Gaya, Bihar

Station Name: Tankuppa
Station Code: TKN
Location: Tankuppa, Gaya, Bihar

Station Name: Wazerganj
Station Code: WZJ
Location: Wazerganj, Gaya, Bihar

Station Name: Gopalganj
Station Code: GOPG
Location: Gopalganj, Bihar

Station Name: Kaparpura
Station Code: KVC
Location: Kaparpura, Gopalganj, Bihar

Station Name: Manjhagarh
Station Code: MJV
Location: Manjhagarh, Gopalganj, Bihar

Station Name: Hathua
Station Code: HTW
Location: Mirganj, Gopalganj, Bihar

Station Name: Sasa Musa
Station Code: SSU
Location: Sasa Musa, Gopalganj, Bihar

Station Name: Sipaya
Station Code: SPYA
Location: Sipaya, Gopalganj, Bihar

Station Name: Thawe Junction
Station Code: THE
Location: Thawe, Gopalganj, Bihar

Station Name: Ghorparan
Station Code: GHN
Location: Ghorparan, Jamui, Bihar

Station Name: Gidhaur
Station Code: GHR
Location: Gidhaur, Jamui, Bihar

Station Name: Narganjo Halt
Station Code: NRGO
Location: Narganjo Halt, Jamui, Bihar

Station Name: Simultala
Station Code: STL
Location: Simultala, Jamui, Bihar

Station Name: Karauta
Station Code: KWO
Location: Karauta, Jehanabad, Bihar

Station Name: Pusauli
Station Code: PSE
Location: Pusauli, Kaimur, Bihar

Station Name: Sarahula
Station Code: SAHA
Location: Sarahula, Kaimur, Bihar

Station Name: Semra
Station Code: SRA
Location: Semra, Kaimur, Bihar

Station Name: Badla Ghat
Station Code: BHB
Location: Badlaghat, Khagaria, Bihar

Station Name: Dhamara Ghat
Station Code: DHT
Location: Dhamara Ghat, Khagaria, Bihar

Station Name: Khagaria
Station Code: KGG
Location: Khagaria, Bihar

Station Name: Mahes Khunt
Station Code: MSK
Location: Maheskhunt, Khagaria, Bihar

Station Name: Mansi Junction
Station Code: MNE
Location: Mansi, Khagaria, Bihar

Station Name: Olapur
Station Code: OLP
Location: Olapur, Khagaria, Bihar

Station Name: Mankatha
Station Code: MKB
Location: Mankatha, Lakhisarai, Bihar

Station Name: Rampur Dumra
Station Code: RDUM
Location: Rampurdumra, Lakhisarai, Bihar

Station Name: Uren
Station Code: UREN
Location: Uren, Lakhisarai, Bihar

Station Name: Baijnathpur
Station Code: BYP
Location: Baijnathpur, Madhepura, Bihar

Station Name: Bihariganj
Station Code: BHGJ
Location: Bihariganj, Madhepura, Bihar

Station Name: Budhma
Station Code: BDMA
Location: Budhma, Madhepura, Bihar

Station Name: Madhubani
Station Code: MBI
Location: Madhubani, Madhubani, Bihar

Station Name: Mandan Mishra H
Station Code: MNMA
Location: Sakhwar, Madhubani, Bihar

Station Name: Tamuria
Station Code: TMA
Location: Tamuria, Madhubani, Bihar

Station Name: Lalit Lakshmipr
Station Code: LLPR
Location: Thahar, Madhubani, Bihar

Station Name: Vachaspati Nagar
Station Code: VPH
Location: Vachaspati Nagar, Madhubani, Bihar

Station Name: Dumri
Station Code: DMRX
Location: Dumri, Muzaffarpur, Bihar

Station Name: Harpur Nag (Halt)
Station Code: HRNG
Location: Harpurnag, Muzaffarpur, Bihar

Station Name: Kanti
Station Code: KTI
Location: Kanti, Muzaffarpur, Bihar

Station Name: Mahwal
Station Code: MHL
Location: Mahwal, Muzaffarpur, Bihar

Station Name: Mananpur
Station Code: MNP
Location: Mananpur, Muzaffarpur, Bihar

Station Name: Minapur
Station Code: MNPR
Location: Minapur, Muzaffarpur, Bihar

Station Name: Motipur
Station Code: MTR
Location: Motipur, Muzaffarpur, Bihar

Station Name: Muzaffarpur Junction
Station Code: MFP
Location: Muzaffarpur, Bihar

Station Name: Naraynpur Anant
Station Code: NRPA
Location: Naraynpuranant, Muzaffarpur, Bihar

Station Name: Nariyar
Station Code: NRV
Location: Nariyar, Muzaffarpur, Bihar

Station Name: Piprahan (Halt)
Station Code: PPRH
Location: Piparahan Halt, Muzaffarpur, Bihar

Station Name: Ram Dayalu Nagar
Station Code: RD
Location: Ram Dayalu Nagar, Muzaffarpur, Bihar

Station Name: Silaut
Station Code: SLT
Location: Silaut, Muzaffarpur, Bihar

Station Name: Turki
Station Code: TUR
Location: Turki, Muzaffarpur, Bihar

Station Name: Turki Road
Station Code: TZR
Location: Turki Road, Muzaffarpur, Bihar

Station Name: Baghi Bardiha
Station Code: BBE
Location: Baghi Bardiha, Nawada, Bihar

Station Name: Nawadah
Station Code: NWD
Location: Nawadah, Nawada, Bihar

Station Name: Roh
Station Code: ROH
Location: Roh, Nawada, Bihar

Station Name: Waris Aleganj
Station Code: WRS
Location: Warisaleganj, Nawada, Bihar

Station Name: Amolwa
Station Code: AMO
Location: Amolwa, Paschim Champaran, Bihar

Station Name: Awasani (Halt)
Station Code: AWS
Location: Aswani Halt, Pashchim Champaran, Bihar

Station Name: Bagaha
Station Code: BUG
Location: Bagaha, Pashchim Champaran, Bihar

Station Name: Bansdih Road
Station Code: BCD
Location: Bansdih Road, Pashchim Champaran, Bihar

Station Name: Bettiah
Station Code: BTH
Location: Bettiah, Pashchim Champaran, Bihar

Station Name: Bhikhna Thori
Station Code: BKF
Location: Bhikhnathori, Pashchim Champaran, Bihar

Station Name: Bhitiharwa Ashr
Station Code: BHWR
Location: Bhitharwa, Pashchim Champaran, Bihar

Station Name: Buranpudi
Station Code: BCM
Location: Pashchim Champaran, Bihar

Station Name: Barakalan
Station Code: BQW
Location: Pashchim Champaran, Bihar

Station Name: Dhachana
Station Code: DHNA
Location: Pashchim Champaran, Bihar

Station Name: Dumri Juara
Station Code: DRI
Location: Pashchim Champaran, Bihar

Station Name: Haldita Bihar
Station Code: HOD
Location: Pashchim Champaran, Bihar

Station Name: Lalitgram
Station Code: LLP
Location: Pashchim Champaran, Bihar

Station Name: Chamua
Station Code: CAMU
Location: Chamua, Pashchim Champaran, Bihar

Station Name: Chanpatia
Station Code: CAI
Location: Chanpatia, Pashchim Champaran, Bihar

Station Name: Dasharathpur
Station Code: DRTP
Location: Dasharathpur, Pashchim Champaran, Bihar

Station Name: Athmal Gola
Station Code: ATL
Location: Athmal Gola, Patna, Bihar

Station Name: Aunta Halt
Station Code: ANAH
Location: Aunta Halt, Patna, Bihar

Station Name: Bakhtiyarpur Junction
Station Code: BKP
Location: Bakhtiyarpur, Patna, Bihar

Station Name: Barh
Station Code: BARH
Location: Barh, Patna, Bihar

Station Name: Bihta
Station Code: BTA
Location: Bihta, Patna, Bihar

Station Name: Danapur
Station Code: DNR
Location: Danapur, Patna, Bihar

Station Name: Fatwa
Station Code: FUT
Location: Fatuha, Patna, Bihar

Station Name: Gulzarbagh
Station Code: GZH
Location: Gulzarbagh, Patna, Bihar

Station Name: Lemuabad
Station Code: LEB
Location: Pachmahla, Patna, Bihar

Station Name: Parsa Bazar
Station Code: PRBZ
Location: Parsabazar, Patna, Bihar

Station Name: Digha Ghat
Station Code: DDG
Location: Digha Ghat, Patna, Bihar

Station Name: Dharminiya
Station Code: DRQ
Location: Bela, Purvi Champaran, Bihar

Station Name: Bhawanipur
Station Code: BWPB
Location: Bhavanipur, Purvi Champaran, Bihar

Station Name: Chakia
Station Code: CAA
Location: Chakia, Purvi Champaran, Bihar

Station Name: Chauradano
Station Code: CAO
Location: Chauradano, Purvi Champaran, Bihar

Station Name: Ghorasahan
Station Code: GRH
Location: Ghorasahan, Purvi Champaran, Bihar

Station Name: Kesariya Road
Station Code: KXZ
Location: Kesariya, Purvi Champaran, Bihar

Station Name: Kundwa Chainpur
Station Code: KWC
Location: Kharhua Chainpur, Purvi Champaran, Bihar

Station Name: Mehsi
Station Code: MAI
Location: Mehsi, Purvi Champaran, Bihar

Station Name: Motihari
Station Code: MKI
Location: Motihari, Purvi Champaran, Bihar

Station Name: Motihari Court
Station Code: MCO
Location: Motihari Court, Purvi Champaran, Bihar

Station Name: Nakardei
Station Code: NKV
Location: Nakardei, Purvi Champaran, Bihar

Station Name: Kuria Halt
Station Code: KXRA
Location: Nankar Parsauni Khem, Purvi Champaran, Bihar

Station Name: Ramgarhwa
Station Code: RGH
Location: Ramgarhwa, Purvi Champaran, Bihar

Station Name: Raxual Junction
Station Code: RXL
Location: Raxaul, Purvi Champaran, Bihar

Station Name: Sagauli Junction
Station Code: SGL
Location: Sagauli, Purvi Champaran, Bihar

Station Name: Angar Ghat
Station Code: ARG
Location: Angar Ghat, Samastipur, Bihar

Station Name: Basudeopur Chan
Station Code: BDUA
Location: Basdeopur, Samastipur, Bihar

Station Name: Harpar Bochaha
Station Code: HBP
Location: Chetra, Samastipur, Bihar

Station Name: Dalsingh Sarai
Station Code: DSS
Location: Dalsinghsarai, Samastipur, Bihar

Station Name: Bhagwanpur Desu
Station Code: BGDS
Location: Desua, Samastipur, Bihar

Station Name: Dubaha
Station Code: DUBH
Location: Dubaha, Samastipur, Bihar

Station Name: Khudiram B Pusa
Station Code: KRBP
Location: Khudiram B Pusa, Samastipur, Bihar

Station Name: Vidyapatinagar
Station Code: VPN
Location: Vidyapatinagar, Samastipur, Bihar

Station Name: Awatar Nagar
Station Code: ATNR
Location: Awatar Nagar, Saran, Bihar

Station Name: Chainwa
Station Code: CW
Location: Chainwa, Saran, Bihar

Station Name: Chhapra
Station Code: CPR
Location: Chhapra, Saran, Bihar

Station Name: Imli
Station Code: IMLI
Location: Chhapra, Saran, Bihar

Station Name: Chhapra Kacheri
Station Code: CI
Location: Chhapra Kacheri, Saran, Bihar

Station Name: Daudpur
Station Code: DDP
Location: Daudpur, Saran, Bihar

Station Name: Ismailpur
Station Code: IMGE
Location: Ismailpur, Saran, Bihar

Station Name: Khairah
Station Code: KYH
Location: Khairah, Saran, Bihar

Station Name: Kopa Samhota
Station Code: KPS
Location: Kopa Samhota, Saran, Bihar

Station Name: Manjhi
Station Code: MHT
Location: Manjhi, Saran, Bihar

Station Name: Marhaura
Station Code: MEW
Location: Marhaura, Saran, Bihar

Station Name: Masrakh
Station Code: MHC
Location: Masrakh, Saran, Bihar

Station Name: Bara Gopal
Station Code: BAGL
Location: Narawn, Saran, Bihar

Station Name: Nayagaon
Station Code: NYO
Location: Nayagaon, Saran, Bihar

Station Name: Parmanandpur
Station Code: PMU
Location: Parmanandpur, Saran, Bihar

Station Name: Paterhi
Station Code: PEE
Location: Paterhi, Saran, Bihar

Station Name: Rajapatti
Station Code: RPV
Location: Rajapatti, Saran, Bihar

Station Name: Revelganj Ghat
Station Code: RVT
Location: Revelganj Ghat, Saran, Bihar

Station Name: Sanjha
Station Code: SJJ
Location: Sanjha, Saran, Bihar

Station Name: Sham Kauria
Station Code: SMKR
Location: Sham Kauria, Saran, Bihar

Station Name: Sidhwalia
Station Code: SQW
Location: Sidhwalia, Saran, Bihar

Station Name: Kadampura
Station Code: KDRA
Location: Kadampura, Supaul, Bihar

Station Name: Gautamsthan
Station Code: GTST
Location: Revelganj, Saran, Bihar

Station Name: Kakarghatti
Station Code: KKHT
Location: Kakarghatti, Siwan, Bihar

Station Name: Nirmali
Station Code: NMA
Location: Nirmali, Supaul, Bihar

Station Name: Pratapganj
Station Code: PPV
Location: Pratapganj, Supaul, Bihar

Station Name: Ram Bishanpur
Station Code: RBQ
Location: Ram Bishanpur, Supaul, Bihar

Station Name: Saraygarh
Station Code: SRGR
Location: Saraygarh, Supaul, Bihar

Station Name: Supaul
Station Code: SOU
Location: Supaul, Bihar

Station Name: Rathopur
Station Code: RGV
Location: Rathopur, Vaishali, Bihar

Station Name: Bhagwanpur
Station Code: BNR
Location: Bhagwanpur, Vaishali, Bihar

Station Name: Chak Sikandar
Station Code: CSR
Location: Chak Sikander, Vaishali, Bihar

Station Name: Goraul
Station Code: GRL
Location: Goraul, Vaishali, Bihar

Station Name: Hajipur Junction
Station Code: HJP
Location: Hajipur, Vaishali, Bihar

Station Name: Mehnar Road
Station Code: MNO
Location: Hazrat Jandaha, Vaishali, Bihar

Air-connectivity in Bihar

Bihar has a good network of roadways and railways which make it easily accessible from every part of the country. But, apart from that it also has few airports which are operational and serving citizens as well as tourists in the state. Currently, there are three operational airports at Patna, Gaya and Purnea. A civil airport is also present at Muzaffarpur. Lok Nayak Jayaprakash Airport (IATA: PAT, ICAO: VEPT), also known as Patna Airport is located 5 kms southwest of Patna, the capital of Bihar. This airport is controlled by Airports Authority of India and is categorized as a restricted International Airport by AAI. Well, it has custom facilities for receiving international chartered flights. As per AAI, it is the 21st busiest airport in India. This airport has an elevation of 170 feet (52 m) above mean sea level covering an area of 254 acres (103 ha). It possesses one runway designated 07/25 with an asphalt surface measuring 6,410 ft (1954 m) in length. Air India (Delhi, Kolkata, Mumbai), Go Air (Bangalore, Delhi, Kolkata, Mumbai), IndiGo (Bangalore, Delhi, Kolkata, Lucknow, Mumbai), Jet Airways (Delhi, Indore, Kolkata, Lucknow), JetKonnect (Bangalore, Delhi, Kolkata) and Spirit Air (Charter: Purnea, Kolkata) are the main airlines providing air connectivity and linking Bihar with all major cities of the country.

J.P.N.I. Airport
Address: Khajpura, Shaheed Pir Ali Khan Marg, Patna, Bihar 800014
Code: PAT
Elevation: 52 m
Phone: 0612 222 0683, 91-9471000714 (M)

Gaya Airport

Gaya Airport (IATA: GAY, ICAO: VEGY) is the second busiest airport after Patna in state of Bihar. Gaya Airport is an international airport located just 5 kms away from the temple city of Bodhgaya and also known as Bodhgaya Airport. Airports Authority of India (AAI) is the controlling body who manages overall functioning of Gaya Airport. This airport covers an area of 954 acres and has an elevation of 380 ft (116 m) above the mean sea level. Airport terminal building is spread over 7,500 square metres with capability of handling 250 incoming and 250 outgoing passengers. Along with, Airports Authority of India is also planning to develop this airport as a standby to the Kolkata Airport. Basically, it is a public airport serving Bihar state in India which provides good air connectivity with Singapore, Colombo, Bangkok, Paro and many others as well. Main national and international airlines which operates through this airport are Air India (New Delhi, Kolkata, Varanasi, Yangon), Buddha Air (Kathmandu), Indian (New Delhi, Kolkata, Varanasi), Druk Air (Paro, Kathmandu), Myanmar Airways International (Mandalay, Yangon), Golden Myanmar Airlines (Charter: Yangon), Mihin Lanka (Seasonal: Colombo, Hambantota), Thai Airways International (Seasonal: Bangkok-Suvarnabhumi, Varanasi).

Address: Airport Rd, Gaya, Bihar 823004
Code: GAY
Elevation: 377 m
Phone: 0631 221 0129, 91-9431224694(M)

Purnea Airport

Purnea Airport (ICAO: VEPU) is another airport located in the Indian state of Bihar. It is situated near Purnia and is basically military airport. Indian Air Force is the main authority of this airport. Generally, this airport comes in restricted category. Spirit Air Private Limited has started non-scheduled flight services on Patna-Purnea and Purnea-Calcutta routes in association with a Bangalore-based company, Door to Door Services Limited (DTDS). These flights from Purnea airport are available to Kolkata and Patna twice a week.

Purnea Airport, Goasi, Bihar 854303

Inland Waterways in Bihar

Inland waterways are also been a great way of transportation goods from ancient time. River Ganga had played major role in this regard serving as principal river highway across the vast area of north Indo-Gangetic Plain. It had been a major mode of transportation for overseas trade of goods from Patna (former Patliputra) and Bhagalpur (former Chamba) to Southeast Asia and Sri Lanka. Recently, Inland Waterways Authority of India has declared the Ganges to be a national inland waterway between Allahabad and Haldia and has also taken steps to restore its navigability.

Local Transportation in Bihar

Bihar also scores in terms of availability of local transporation mediums. Various modes of local transportation such as state buses, private buses, auto-rickshaws, cycle-rickshaws, tempos etc are available for the conveniences of the people. Well, all these modes of local transportation are very common and can be easily found in every part of the state. Most of the population use local transport services for commuting in the cities and rural areas of the state. Buses are the major option for traveling in the state as well as autos and tempos play major role in approaching and covering every nook and corner of the entire region. Overall, local transport services are satisfactory that help in convenient commuting in this state.

Being a highly populated state, Bihar requires a well structured transport system to cater transport related needs of the citizens and tourists both. Well, transport department of Bihar has done satisfactory work in this regard and at present, all necessary transport facilities are available in this part of India. From roadways to railways to airways, all serve as good connecting medium when it comes to link Bihar within and with rest parts of the country and world as well. Along with transport department in Bihar is consistently working towards upgradation of present transport facilities to make it much more accessible and easier for better commutation in the state.

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