Sports in Bihar

Bihar known for its historical legacy and acedemic excellence also not lags behind in the field of sports. The state has produced many talented sport persons and athletes who made the nation proud. This state is famous for its local levels sports activities as much as one can see its contributions in the national games and athletics. No matter either it is traditional sports like kabaddi, gulli danda and various other regional games to boxing, cricket, hockey, volleyball and football , this state has always supported sports activities to empower its youth in attaining fitness level and assuring healthy and bright future.

Sporting events in Bihar

The subsequent governments have always made it a point to support games and sports activities in Bihar . Youth empowerment department of Bihar state assures that while maintaining state’s culture through supporting that in all levels the government should also come forward to give impetus to various games and sports activities. The state administration has been focusing keenly on modern games which can bring glory to state in general and nation in particular.

Directorate of Youth Welfare & Sports

State Government of Bihar has been taking many important steps to create best platform for the youths empowerment. Most notable step in this regard was establishment of Directorate of Youth Welfare & Sports Department to deal with issues related to youths’ empowerment and to offer them one of the best platforms to groom on state, national and international levels. With its team of highly accentuating officers and support staffs, the Directorate facilitates several important services from monitoring state’s Sports Authority Organizations to overall support by grants and boosting the morale of sportspersons in the state. It is one of the fast developing youth oriented organization to show new heights to the youth community and bring revolutionary change in the state whose youths as future of the nation are always augured for make remarkable contribution. The directorate is responsible for organising various sporting events and tournaments including:
  • Bihar State Subrato Cup Football Tournament
  • Bihar State Major Dhyan Chand Hockey Tournament
  • Bihar State School Tournament
  • PYKKA Sports
  • Women’s Sports
Apart from these there are also welfare funds for boosting the morale of sports person in the state. Click here to know more about the roles and responsibilities of the department.

Bihar Sports Council

Although many traditional local and national sports & games were popular in Bihar state since several centuries but the state didn’t have any organized Sports Council until recently. Such lack of interests from the authorities had made it nearly impossible for sports regulation for several decades. The sooner it was realized by the government and need for the formation of a Sports Council was considered mandatory, it was formed. Bihar State Sports Council was therefore formed under the Bihar Sports Act 2013. It has already started bringing drastic change in the society with a moral boost to state’s sports sector. It now plays crucial role to promote sports with thorough transparency. It has paved the way for state’s Sports bodies to get empowered and organize all types of sports activities.

Sports in BiharWorld famous Indian captain Mahendra Singh Dhoni was included in the Bihar U-19 squad for the 1998/99 season.
MS Dhoni made his Ranji Trophy debut for Bihar in the 1999–2000 season.
Ati Vishisht Khel Samman is highest sports awards of Bihar.
Kirti Azad was part of Indian team that won first Cricket World Cup in 1983.

Newly formed Bihar State Sports Council is an apex body in the state to monitor all types of sports events and so is it responsible to control state’s Sports Federations and units. Council makes it mandatory for all such bodies to get them registered with it for their transparent functioning under federal system of control over the sports activities. District Sports Councils set in all district’ take into account the local level sports activities and report to the headquarters of State Sports Council for better functioning. This council is not specific for any particular sport. All sports come under it for effective control. State Council plays crucial role for the representation of Bihar state at all National Level competitions held on regular intervals.

Infrastructure for Sports in Bihar

Bihar has started its state level Sports Council in the recent years. State’s department of sport and youth affairs are studying the infrastructure of other states and countries to develop its own and turn sports best in the country. Several important initiatives have already been taken in the form of developing stadiums and facilitating grants and monetary support to the deserving sports person. The federations working for this purpose also recommend medals and certificates to successful players and provide best of infrastructure to them with an environment to develop their athletic skills.

Popular Sports in Bihar

Bihar is one of the states of India where national games like cricket, hockey, football and volleyball et al are common. This state has also gained recognition through promoting carom, chess and many indoor games. Of equal importance are the games like Kabaddi and regional games that have their specialties in the state and remain popular amongst the masses.

Cricket in Bihar

Cricket in BiharCricket is one of the most popular games played in Bihar. There are various associations to promote this popular games. The Bihar cricket team was one of the oldest cricket team in India and represented the state in the Ranji Trophy from 1936-37. In 2003-04 it was succeeded by the Jharkhand cricket team. The world famous Indian captain Mahendra Singh Dhoni was included in the Bihar U-19 squad for the 1998/99 season and made his Ranji Trophy debut for Bihar in the 1999–2000 season. Bihar Cricket Association (BCA) works as a monitoring body to look into various types of cricket related activities in the state and especially groom and manage state’s cricket team for state, national and international roles. BCA has its affiliation with the Board of Control for Cricket in India (BCCI) and remains its associate member as a governing body. Former cricketer and current politician Kirti Azad formed the Association of Bihar Cricket (ABC) recently. This cricket board is not affiliated with the governing body especially the Board of Control for Cricket in India (BCCI) and is in its infancy stage. A few group members of existing of Bihar Cricket Association (BCA) parted ways from the parent group and established their own cricket board named Cricket Association of Bihar (CAB) in the recent years. This board faced legal issues with the Board of Control for Cricket in India (BCCI) in late 2013 due to certain issues of conflict of interests. The Cricket Academy of Bihar at the Southern premises of the Moinul Haq Stadium, Patna is pioneer in providing cricket playing skills to the youth of Bihar. The main aim of the academy is to tap the potentials of the budding sportsperson in the state.

Football in Bihar

Bihar state has its own football team that participates in state and inter-state level competitions. This team represents Bihar state in the Santosh Trophy and maintains its local level wins. By now no Santosh trophy matches have been won by this team. Bihar Football Association looks after the management of football in the state. It aims to create the base for quality sportts in the region.

Bihar Football Association
Hussain Road, Pather ki Masjid, Patna -- 800 006
Fax: 0612-2669501

Kabaddi in Bihar

Bihar state level Kabaddi Team is named Patna Pirates. Based to the capital city of Patna, this team actively plays for Pro Kabaddi League in the state. Under the captaincy of Rakesh Kumar, this team is owned by Rajesh Shah and so is it coached by famous Kabaddi player R S Khokhar. This team has its regular presence in the Kankarbagh Indoor Stadium and participates in various home based matches in the state.

Sports Venues in Bihar

Bihar state has prioritized sports in its agenda to promote it for national and international recognition of the state. Keeping in view such important factors to bring the state into global limelight through sports friendly initiatives, the consecutive governments have taken many steps to facilitate best choices to promote sports. Presence of renowned stadiums indicate how keenly Bihar has moved ahead to promote and popularize sports. Some of the famous stadiums of Bihar are listed below:-
Patliputra Sports Complex located in Kankarbagh area of Patna, is a multi-purpose stadium in Bihar. Inaugurated on March 1, 2012 it saw the hosting of the first Women World Cup Kabaddi Championship in which 16 countries participated.

Patliputra Sports Complex

The multipurpose stadium Patliputra Sports Complex spreads over 16 acres. It was built in the Kankarbagh area of Bihar’s state capital city, Patna on March 01, 2012 and was earlier famous as Kankarbagh Sports complex until renamed to Patliputra Sports Complex recently. Notable sports event held in this complex was the 1st World Cup Kabaddi Championship for Women after its establishment. It had 16 countries’ participation and was a mega event of the year. Successful completion of first Women's World Cup Kabbaddi Championship in India in 2012 had brought the complex into global limelight. It was followed by All India Federation Cup Wrestling Tournament in March month of 2012 and so was 31st National Taekwondo Championship held in December same year. Such internationally recognized events held after its inauguration popularized it too much. The indoor stadium of this sports complex organized 17th All India Postal Carrom Tournament recently which became a famous event.
Directorate of Youth Welfare and Sports and Bihar State Sports Authority own and manage this sports complex in the capacity of sole owner to plan and organize numerous sports events. State sports authorities invested approximately Rupees 19.98 Crores for its construction.

Patliputra Sports Complex

This modern state-of-the-art sports complex maintains various sports facilities to make it easy for indoor and outdoor games held regularly. This sports complex has several arrangements from a 400-meter athlete track to swimming pool. It can easily accommodate 200 sportsperson at one go and so is the sitting arrangement for approximately 40,000 spectators in outdoor stadium. This complex can accommodate 35000 spectators in indoor stadium. At present the sports complex facilitate games from football to hockey, kabaddi, table tennis, carrom, swimming, wrestling and taekwondo amongst others. Authorities have planned to establish a gymnasium inside it. All four wings of this sports complex are Outdoor, Indoor, Coach Area and Hostel Area. With 227-room hostel facility, this complex provides best facility for coach trainings.

Patliputra Sports Complex
Address: P C Colony, Kankarbagh, Patna - 800020
Ph.: +(91)-612-2660212

Basawan Singh Indoor Stadium

Basawan Singh Indoor stadium or Swatantrata Senani Basawan Singh Indoor Stadium is one of the major sports complexes in the state of Bihar located at Hajipur. This public indoor stadium organizes various sports events on regular basis.

Address: Yadav chowk, Cinema road, Hajipur, Bihar

Moin-ul-Haq Stadium, Patna

Moin-ul-Haq Stadium in Bihar capital Patna is one of the famous landmarks in city. Bihar Cricket Association is the official owner of this stadium which came into international limelight in the year 1996 when this stadium was chosen to host two One Day International (ODI) matches of 1996 Cricket World Cup. With its capacity to accommodate 25000 spectators, this stadium remains one of the biggest sports stadiums in Bihar. Until 1970 this stadium was Rajendra Nagar Stadium. It was renamed to Moin-ul-Haq Stadium after the then Indian Olympic Association (IOA) general Secretary died and the stadium was dedicated to him. Moin-ul-Haq was a sports icon and brought Indian into global limelight. He was country’s chef-de-mission of 1948 Indian Olympic contingent in London as well as in 1952 to Helsinki. His remarkable contributions are recognized through this sports complex. Moin-ul-Haq Stadium also accommodates a cricket academy besides a swimming pool besides its “Turf” pitch of global standard.

Address: Rajendra Nagar, Patna, Bihar 800016

Patna Golf Club

Established on March 21, 1916 by the then Governor of Bihar, Steuart Bayley, Patna Golf Club is about to complete its 100th centenary. The privately owned Gold Club has total 18 holes. By now the club has organized several notable tournaments that include Basant Utsav, Captain's Day, Heat & Dust Golf Tournament, Sawan Cup and Patna Open amongst others.

Patna Golf Club

When the Club was established, its original land owner was then Bihar & Orissa governments. The South Bihar Gymkhana Club leased the land to establish this Golf Club at the time of its establishment. It remained a famous Golf Club after formation and it therefore hosted numerous national championships in that period.

Address : Patna Golf Club,
Bailey Road,Patna, Bihar
Contact No.: 9234899643
E-mail: [email protected]

Taekwondo in Bihar

Taekwondo in BiharBihar doesn’t lag when it comes to promoting internationally acclaimed sports and ancient games. The state capital has its own Bihar Taekwondo Association to promote the Korean martial arts in this region. State’s Taekwondo Association functions with trained and highly professional coaches to guide the young generation in this ancient martial art. Patna based Bihar Taekwondo Association is unique game of combining combat and self-defense techniques which athletes consider best form of sport. Equally does it remain valuable exercising option. Sate’s Taekwondo Association reminds of the Korean mastery of this game during 1940s that was a great innovation through combining Okinawan karate, Chinese martial arts, and ancient Korean traditions taekkyeon and gwonbeop to develop a new athletic trend. Bihar Taekwondo Association promotes this game and encourages learners to know various unarmed combat techniques which this sports offers for self-defense. As it has become one of the internationally acknowledged athletics, people visit the center to learn it and its various skillful applications. This unique sports help athletes to learn many punching, jumping kicking, blocking; dodging and parrying actions that too with mere hands and feet and without using any arms. The Association gives special focus on the guidence of the new generation for physical fighting skills and most importantly to develop strict disciplinarian aspects in life that applies training of body as well as mind. It equally enhances body and mind skills and is therefore ultimate moral character development tool for the learners.Today, Bihar Taekwondo Association is moving ahead in leaps and bounds to nourish young generations. It offers ultimate platform to the youngsters as much as it supports the ancient athletic trend in the state of Bihar whose sports culture surpasses others.

Bihar Taekwondo Association
Address: - Opp. Ambedkar Community Hall,
Rajendra Nagar, Patna-800 016.
Phone-+91 612 3265456
[email protected]
Mob.-+91 9334715690

Famous Sportspersons of Bihar

Bihar has produced several celebrity sportspersons over the decades. Most of them have already attained international recognitions. Representing various sports categories these personalities are inspirations for the new generation sportspersons. Here is a glimpse on the lives of Bihar’s famous sportspersons.

Kirtivardhan Bhagwat Jha Azad

Sportpersons in BiharKirtivardhan Bhagwat Jha Azad, famously known Kirti Azad, has remained one of the renowned right-handed batsman’s of national repute. With right-arm off break bowling style, Azad attained national and international recognition in cricket and brought proud moments for the country. His Test debut was on 21 February 1981 while his ODI debut was on 6 December 1980. He remained an active cricketer from 1980 to 1986 and played in 25 ODIs and 7 Test matches during that period.This right handed batsman and quickish off spinner was born in the affluent family of politician Bhagwat Jha Azad, former Chief Minister of Bihar state. He was part of the Indian Cricket team of 1983 when India won that year’s World Cup. He left cricket and joined politics and has been chosen as Member of Parliament for the third time recently.

Syed Saba Karim

Bihar sports personsSyed Saba Karim is one of the highly professional and focused cricket players of India born in Bihar state. He joined cricket in 1982- 83 after completing school education in a reputed school in Patna as a junior player. Performances of Syed Saba Karim in 1990-91 Ranji Trophy escalated his entry onto the national level cricket team. He has given exceptional performances during his career of a cricket player. He was appointed East Zone Cricket Board’s national selector in the year 2012.

Subroto Banerjee

Former Indian cricket player, Subroto Banerjee was known for his right-handed battling and right-arm medium-fast playing style. He remained active in Indian cricket from 1991 to 1992 and played in one Test besides 6 ODIs. His performances were appreciated in the 1992 World Cup during which he was one of the players of Indian cricket team.

Kavita Roy

Kavita Roy, also nicknamed Polly, is one of the highly professional and talented women cricketers with right-hand bat and right-arm medium pace style. Her captainship debut in ODI in 2000 against Sri Lanka was one of the notable performances.

Rashmi Kumari

Indoor Games in BiharInternational Carrom Champion, Rashmi Kumari has made the Bihar state proud through her impeccable performances in this game. She has been playing carrom as a national player since 1992 and by now her appearance in various tournaments has made her popular. She was part of sub-junior tournament in 1997 and then she became member of the junior national at Faridabad in 2000 before her performances in 2004, 2005, 2007, 2010, 2011, 2012 and 2013 in the senior national games. Her international performances include wins in 6th World Carrom Championship in 2012 at Sri-Lanka and games of 2006, 2011 & 2013 at Sri Lanka, Maldives and home country, India amongst others. Her participation in 2nd, 3rd and 5th Asian Carrom Championship in 2007,2009 & 2013 in Pune, Raipur and Kolkata remained noticeable. She has even been awarded many national and state level awards in the short span of her career.

Shivnath Singh

Famous for being one of the few eminent Indian long-distance runners who attaining global recognition, Shivnath Singh made the country proud with his contributions. His participation in the Asian Games and active participation in Summer Olympics in 1976 and 1980 have popularized him in the country and around the world. He had been placed on 11th position in the Men’s marathon of 1976 Olympic Games. He had his entry in the 1980 Olympic Men's Marathon in Moscow but couldn’t finish it. Having record of best marathon time (2:12:00) feat achieved in Jalandhar in 1978, Shivnath Singh ran barefoot for the whole career and made distinction for himself.

Adventure Sports in Bihar

The state of Bihar owns mainly plains hence there remains least opportunity for adventure sports. Such was the reason that the state government had not headed for any such concrete step until recently. Only recently an idea was formulated to develop and promote adventure sports activities in the region. Keeping in view such plans the consecutive state governments have promoted some adventure sports that included rafting and mountaineering. The venue chosen for this special purpose is at the Valmiki Tiger Reserve (VTR) forest area of Bihar that maintains best eco-tourism and climate. It is considered a perfect location for such games. A few such projects are in the pipeline to promote adventure sports in this state. The sports that will seek attention of sports lovers in this area are boating, rafting and mountaineering amongst others.

Water Sports in Bihar

Bihar administration has taken initiatives in the recent past to make the state more adventure sports friendly. The government therefore introduced its dream project of “Adventure Water Sports Facility” at Ganga River to pave the way for the introduction of various types of watersports in the renowned river. The watersports facility has been planned at Ganga River in Patna which is located at its bank. The dual purpose of launching such project in the state capital is to ensure that the project completes in its stipulated time and most importantly the visitors find better options to involve in the multiple adventure sports including watersports facility at the Gandhi Ghat Patna. It has been planned to develop in line with those in other parts of the country like the famous surface water aquatics of Goa, Pondicherry, Maharashtra and Karnataka amongst others. Proposed watersports facility is definitely going to facilitate perfect options to the Patna visitors to involve in such unique adventure sports. It will be a great source of eco-tourism as well. The proposed attractions of watersports in Patna are availability of Jet skiing bikes; water boats; towable inflatable rubber rafts and oxygen-filled water balls amongst others. Such proposed developmental initiatives are going to make a big difference in the state of Bihar through a boost to variety of sports activities.

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